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Wow, that melody in the break was incredible. Great job on this one! I might have to remix it one day :D.

Keep it up!

Like others have said, the synths in this are perfect and the mix is impressively clean (although some volume tweaking might be required).

Now, to the percussion. I know you're not satisfied with them, but I'll comment anyway. They are probably a bit too weak for the 'hype' and 'intense' style you were going for. However, that might not your fault.

Percussion in genres like this rely heavily on the quality of the samples that you use. If you start with a bad sample, you will end up with bad percussion.

So, keeping that in mind, perhaps it's not your skills with the drums that is the problem, but instead it is the quality of the drum samples you are using.

Everything else is perfect. Whether the result of the percussion is due to the quality of the samples or your mixing skills is up to you to decide, since you know what they were like at the start and what you've done with them.

P.S. I thoroughly enjoyed this, don't get me wrong. It's just that I feel that this could be better, and you are the only one who can make it so :) Keep it up, your rate of learning is very impressive.

Lethal-Input responds:

Thanks man. I'm pretty sure the problem are the samples AND my lack lack of mixing skills. Well this is the first song where I actually feel like I used the mixer decently, so i'm glad it seemed to pay off since others have also said that the mix sounds clear (except for maybe the percussion). Thanks for the feedback

Noticed that you mentioned this was complextro, so I decided to check it out :p

Nice, soothing intro. I like the synths you've used in here.

Damn, 1:30 was powerful. I really like the high arp in the background, it really added a lot to the 'wow' factor, so nice touch. I really like the build-up as well, especially the pitch drop near the end.

I recognize a few of the loops in the drop which you've chopped up, and you've done a good job combining them. Unfortunately, the problem with loops is that they are usually already processed and all that jazz, which makes it difficult to mix them well.

Actually, perhaps it is your kick that is being a bit problematic in the mix. I feel like it might be taking up too much low end. Instead of bumping up the lows on the kick, perhaps you could add a sub so that the presence of bass is still there, but without the muddiness the kick is currently producing.

Try messing around with sub basses and whatnot, perhaps you'll find what you're looking for :)

In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed this from start to finish, so you deserve props for that. The mix may be problematic but the structure and synthwork is definitely spot-on. Keep it up!

Souldran responds:

That's most likely it, I think. Mrgh. I wish my subwoofer was still working...

Thanks! Really my first try with something this detail-oriented. I'll see if I can get a cleaner mix on the next track I work on (whenever that might be), I think I'm just gonna let this one simmer for a while.

Thanks again!

:O. This is quite different from the stuff I remember from you. The quality is still here though, damn fine as always. 1:30-2.00 is incredible. However at 2:00 I feel like the change in tempo was a bit odd and sudden. I also think you chose the wrong type of clap for this, but that's just me.

Like Aeron, I don't really like big room much, but this is superb. Perhaps it's the quality and attention to detail that you carried over from the progressive house/trance days, but I really dig this.

Keep it up! :D

D-Chain responds:

Hey abbic thanks for your review!
yup.. you might remember me as a melodic proghouse and trance publisher at newgrounds but those days are days of the past. i still do melodic breakdowns as you noticed.
i can totally feel what you mean at the 2:00min mark but there was no other way for me to do it..
it had to be done otherwise i would be stuck in the same tempo for the rest of the song.
the clap is probably the weakest sample in this song lol so i agree with you.

however i still do some proghouse and or trancey stuff.. its all in here the only difference is the layout and sounds AND im still using a basic 4/4, 3/4 or 2/4 time signature in all my tracks lol

I feel like your lead synth is not loud enough, or perhaps I'm too used to the huge soulful square synths that I like in some hardstyle. I also think this is lacking a bit on the low end.

Everything else seems to be in good shape though. Keep it up.

I feel like the fade-in at 0:14 became a bit too loud for my liking. I also think the saw chords at 1:16 could use some sidechaining.

I like what you did at 2:20, I'm a sucker for those pitch changes. The synths overall sound pretty good (which I think is the largest factor when it comes do electronic music).

Overall quite well done, keep it up.

I know I reviewed this previously, but I can tell you it sounds far better now that you've cleaned up the reverb. Now that I can hear the synths clearly, I must say that these are some juicy synths. There probably isn't a single synth in here that I don't like.

There really isn't much else to say, I think you've got this nailed other than the mixing/mastering (which can never be perfect). Good job and keep it up.

This is pretty good! I suggest reducing the delay on the piano and making it louder to make it stand out more. Very cool synth at 2:07, but I think it comes in a bit too suddenly. Perhaps fade it in or something.

The bass throughout the song is cool as well, but I think it is present for too long (pretty much the entire song).

Other than that, this was a pretty good song! Keep it up :)

Cacola responds:

I should have thought about making that synth fade in, probably would've sounded good.
Good point about the bass, I'll take that into consideration in the future.
Thanks for the constructive review!

Like Cacola stated, loops and to a lesser extent, presets should be avoided. I did use loops when I first started as well, but I didn't like the fact that I had no control over certain elements of the loop and it just felt like putting a jigsaw together with pieces that didn't match (wow dat analogy).

I'm not sure what program you're using, but I suggest using a widely used program such as FL Studio or Ableton as there are plenty of tutorials for those programs (they are also great for electronic genres) and they will allow you to create your own drum loops and sounds rather than using premade loops.

As for the song itself, it sounds just like the first things I ever made (in terms of loop usage). The non-loop elements (the synth at 2:52 according to Cacola) were pretty good though, definitely something I didn't try when I first started.

As has been stated, keep making music and you'll get better. The largest factor when it comes to improvement is time, so the more time you spend the better you'll get. Good luck!

P.S It's great to see that you will take constructive criticism as it will also play a large role in your improvement and learning :)

BurningBinary responds:

I have zero problem taking constructive criticism. Can't learn without it!

As far as equipment goes, I'm running garageband on a macbook air, and I have a usb mic that came with my kids xbox for his rockstar game. That's it. I don't have a keyboard yet, but it's coming.

I do have a question about loops. What exactly is meant by loop? Does that mean recording something and looping it to run over and over (which is what I'm assuming,) or is a loop a pre made sound that came with the software?

I ask this because I did use two pre made drumbeats that are in garageband, but everything else I built up one beat at a time. I set them to replay themselves, but I built them myself.

Great intro. Creepy but it got my attention. I know you said there are some rendering issues, but I'll still point that the kick seems to fade out at 0:14 (possibly getting drowned out by the atmospheric pad). I can usually pass this off, but I feel like the kick is vital to this track and you should avoid drowning it out if possible.

1:16 sounds super cool. I really love what you did to the vocals, matches the characters they portray in this song/story perfectly. Unfortunately I can't make out the words being said without the author's comments, but maybe it's just me.

The synths sounded good, and compliment the vocals very well. That square/saw lead you have during the evil voice really makes it that much better.

Keep it up, this is great stuff that I've never heard before, but I like it :D.

Lich responds:

Thank you for the review, glad you like the track and I have taken note of what you have said! :)

I experiment with a wide range of electronic genres (currently experimenting with complextro). I've been making music since November 2009. I use FL Studio 10 (Producer Edition) for all my productions and I currently use 3xOsc and Sytrus as my main VSTs.

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