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Wow this is really good. Love the quality in here, all the synths sound brilliant. It sounds pretty new to me too, I don't think I've heard anything like this before (referring to the drop here). I really like the pluck synth in the calmer parts too. The outro was pretty awesome too.

No complaints from me, keep it up, looking forward to more from you!

AeronMusic responds:

Thanks a lot DjAbbic! I will come up with more but I think this will be my last song for 2015. (:

You said the first 4 notes were an earworm, I do know something that sounds like those 4 notes, I can send you a pm if you want (don't want to post links in a review)

The song itself is quite calming. It's not "lose yourself" kind of trance, but it definitely is pleasant to listen to. The piano at 1:48 is nice as well. Normally I like a thicker/warmer piano sound, but this piano worked well for this song, it stood out well in the mix when everything started playing again.

Good job :D

Noisysundae responds:

Aha! Gimme that. I'm pretty sure I've heard it from somewhere.

Frankly, I added that piano to make this less repetitive. Somewhat inspired from 3R2's Angelic sphere from a music game called Deemo. And I was getting bored from my usual warm piano. That's why I use reverb only a little bit. XD

I'm going to review this because I intentionally skipped you on the review for a review thread due to not giving a proper review to the previous person.

Nice intro off the bat, although I feel like the white noise is a bit loud. You have a nice sense of buildup, but the transition to the drop was a bit underwhelming, I suggest you make the pause a bit more noticeable so that your drop has more impact (I liked the second drop better for example).

Your synthwork is quite good, but the synths are fighting over each other in the mix, some things are being drowned out.

Overall a pleasant listen. This is an example of the type of review you should be leaving in the review for a review thread, sorry for skipping you but I think this review would make up for it.

Scouted, keep it up.

Recaze responds:

Thanks for a great review! I know some of the downlifters are loud and annoying. I shall take this in consideration later in my future songs :) Also thanks for scouting me, it means alot! Hope you can check out my future releases where I fix my mistakes ;)

I know this is a month old by now, but I'd just like to tell you that I hear a lot of potential here. I'll just write down some of my thoughts.

The same melody is used pretty much throughout the track, but there are subtle changes that happen quite often to change it up. However, even when you change it a bit, the melody is still playing in the 'background'. I say 'background' because the melody is quite loud and actually takes over the mix, so it makes the changes harder to notice.

There are ways to fix this, the main way would be volume control. You need to think about which synths you want to stick out more than others, and adjust their volumes accordingly. There are other ways too but I'm sure you'll discover them with time.

That's just the criticism part though, the melodies are very nice and you change it up a lot which is really good for keeping a listener's attention. You have good composition and I think if you continue making music, you'll eventually be making some awesome stuff.

Keep it up! I'll be interested to hear what you come up with next.

keslarium responds:

Thank you sooooo much for your feedback, I'm trying to make another song soon, and btw I love your song Euphoria! It's amazing. btw I subscribed to your youtube because of this comment. Keep making music, because I gotta get inspiration somewhere.

I listened to the original before this just so I had some sort of reference, and I must say this is a really awesome take on the original. I really like the difference in mood compared to the original just by using a piano.

Before the change midway (in..key? Not really sure what the term is), I feel like it could have taken off on another direction and made a story on it's own, but I guess you would've wanted to stay faithful to the original, which is fine. It was just something that I noticed while listening.

Anyway, really enjoyable listen, I feel like as someone who hasn't played the game, I could probably write a story just based on what I'm listening to here. I don't stumble across songs like that often so yeah, good job :p. Keep it up!

I came here looking at the genre and was quite surprised with what I was hit with. Very nice intro, the sliding bass grabbed my interest instantly, and the song doesn't take long to get started. Loving the halloween vibes too.

Like the previous guy said, I found the pause before the last note a bit odd. That's about the only thing I can find fault with. All in all a very good track, keep it up!

Noisysundae responds:

Frankly, the intro is why I keep working on this one. XD

I reckon the reverse crash at the start was a bit loud. Both the intro and the dubstep part are good, but I feel like the dubstep part doesn't really connect to the melodies in the intro/break, it may just be my preferences though.

Aside from that, I reckon this is pretty good. Keep it up!

Ravitex responds:

Thanks for your review!
Well, I kinda agree about the thing that the drop doesn't connect to the melodies. In fact, thats one of my weakness: making a melody.
I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway.

Listen to your old stuff, like your reaaallly old stuff. That's always helped me with motivation and getting my mood up when I hear how I've improved over the years. Positive energy = positive results. Hope you're feeling better soon man.

Very nice melodies. I'm not sure if it's intentional that the percussion is drowned out by the synths, but I like it, it has an odd charm to it.

Keep it up!

Gravidi responds:

Thanks man! I'm glad you enjoy it!

The transition into the break and the break itself sounds amazing. I also personally like the bitcrushed bass, although I'm sure others will disagree. I don't really have any ideas so I'l just wish you good luck with finishing this.

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