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Nice stuff, just scouted you. Although I don't listen to this genre very often, I think I should point out that a good percussion library will go a long way in giving your future tracks an "epic" mood to it, unless you prefer calm as opposed to energetic and exciting (which is odd for trailer-style imo).

Either way, you're off to a fantastic start. Keep it up!

SteveSyz responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I actually made this with garageband haha as it is the only program I can afford right now. I'm saving money for logic pro with is roughly 300 dollars so once I get there the percussion packs should start drumming into my music :P

0:14 volume difference between the piano and the vocals was quite noticeable for me, perhaps you might want to even that out a bit. Very cool glitch effects on the vocals throughout the song though - well timed and appropriate.

And I totally didn't see the drop coming, that was huge! Very good synthwork going on here. I feel like it would've been enhanced by the detuned saw thing I heard in the transition at 1:36 though, unless it was the bass played on a higher octave, then I could see some issues with that.

Either way, you did a great job with this, keep it up! I'll be keeping my eye on you :)

MedicTheSpaceCat responds:

Im going in on the final mix today, and I came back to read this because I remembered I had a very constructive review. Thanks!! (And you nailed it, the detuned saw is the bass on a higher octave, and yup, definitey somr issues there.)

The arrangement is good, but the representation not so much. Am I right in assuming the synths are not exactly what you'd like them to sound like? If so, don't worry, it's probably the hardest part to learn, not to mentioning requires expensive equipment to make.

As for the song structure itself, it seems a bit short and lacks an outro, although I guess it's appropriate for experimentation.

Anyway, I scouted you. Good luck out there.

Nice piano at the beginning, although I feel like it's a bit soft and thin. I suggest some sort of variation in the buildup though, since the same chords were being repeated for a bit too long with no filter/note changes.

I think that lead synth in the drop should have more reverb and be more phat, but that's just personal taste.

Percussion and arrangement are spot-on though.

The backbone is all here. Since you say this is not finished, I'll trust you to add the right touches.

Good luck and keep it up.

How about this for a drop:


Honestly, I could've mistaken your intro for a drop. That's how good it was :p. Maybe make that the drop and make a new intro? Just putting it out there.

I personally don't like the ringing sound at 0:34. Sounds like it has too much reverb/delay on it, but that's just me.

Keep it up, love it so far.

First thing I noticed was your replies "Glad you liked it". Tbh I have the same habit, but now you're self-aware :p.

Second thing I noticed was massive bass. It's pretty damn impressive for it to be so heavy yet so clean. Gotta tell me how some time *nudge nudge wink wink*. The riser at 1:50 is pretty sick too.

Honestly finding it difficult to find something to critique here. Nope, 3rd listen and I still can't find anything, but that's probably a good thing. My only suggestion is to maybe add a couple more chords at the very end because it ends a bit awkwardly (I don't know how to describe it, but I'm sure that if you take a listen, you will know what I mean)

Good job man, and congrats on what I feel is an almost-flawless track.

AeroMusic responds:

Glad you liked it

loljk yeah maybe I say that too much - but I am glad! Yeah, it did end a little bit abruptly - I'm working on songs having better endings right now actually
Drop me a PM if you wanna know anything man

yeah thats right I'm not afraid

I feel like a snare would have fit in better than a clap. As it currently is, the hats don't seem to fit in with the clap (to me anyway). The hat sample itself is good though (sounds great in the build-up)

Cool pitchy thing at 1:39; works well for the next buildup. I think the main lead synth could use some portamento, as that seems to be the trend for most trap blips I've heard so far.

Overall though, pretty gangsta.

I don't usually listen to this kind of big-room stuff, but this is pretty sick. Synths sound pretty damn well done too.

Keep it up!

SWeissenP responds:

Thank you!

Too good. didn't even realise it was looping until 3-4 listens in. I love the pad/string in the background. It's subtle, but adds so much. Keep it up!

D-Chain responds:

Thanks! ;)

Tags = Yoda picking up chicks.

Seriously though, this is a sick loop. That melody is great and the bassline fits very nicely as well. If you plan on expanding this, then I wish you good luck.

Keep it up.

Lalalo14 responds:

Hahahha Thanks man! Sure will do!

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