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That bass is heavyyy! I think that there are some notes that are off-key to the melody though (I might be wrong, but it sounds that way to me). Apart from that, this is sounding great so far. I personally would add more strength to the melody, and maybe some atmosphere, but that's just personal taste. Good luck finishing this :)

DetiousMusic responds:

You think so? I'll check it out! d: I have atmosphere you silly! But I'll strengthen the melody! Thanks. (:

Too much win here. Shame the volume is low though (I'm assuming you're gonna beast the mastering later since this is 'to be continued). I also feel like the transition at 2:06 needs some refining.

GL finishing this. Sounds amazing so far.

Nice atmosphere. I really like how you used the phaser at 0:39 with the saw lead, that was brilliant. The bells/piano also sound great, although it sounds a bit muddy when everything else is playing, but that's very minor.

I think the kick needs to hit harder with more bass though, because I think the track is lacking on the low end. Maybe boost the high end of the snare, even though it already sounds amazing.

I love what you did at 1:17-1:37, but perhaps the transition at 1:37 could be improved somehow. I also think a reverse hat/snare/clap sweep would sound great with the phasing and the snare you currently have.

Good luck finishing this, it sounds great so far! Keep it up.

I-Saved-The-World responds:

Thanks for taking the time to write me a thought of review! I agree with a lot of what you've said. It definitely needs to bring the 'wubwub' back. haha


Very nice. It doesn't have that density to it that the pros seem to have, but I'm sure that all of us have the same problem. You are pretty close though!

As has been mentioned before, I think the chiptune instrument would either work out great if you used it for a melody. Of course, it would have to match the wobbles, but that's for you to figure :)

Keep it up.

TBM responds:

Glad you enjoyed it!

Sorry it took 3 days :)

I don't know much about chiptune, but I can say that it's catchy.

I agree with the person below me however, it could use a bit more variation. Perhaps not in terms of melody (it sounds good already), but perhaps with the percussion.

It would be perfect as it is for a menu for a game though (just read author comments), so I wouldn't change anything if that's what you were aiming for.

Yoshiii343 responds:


I'm loving how heavy the wobbles are. I'm not familiar with Ableton's Operator, but if it's anything like Fl Studio's 3xOsc, then I'm very impressed.

If you can make wobbles like that, I bet you could make some sick electro basslines as well.

Keep it up.

DetiousMusic responds:

They're pretty close, though operator has 4 osc. d: Thanks though.

Sick buildup! I felt that the drop could have been more epic for the key you have chosen, but hey, I can't complain! :). I also didn't hear a clap/snare in the drop? Not sure what it would sound like but it might be something to consider.

Really awesome synths and melodies as well. Congratulations.

Very interesting concept. I feel that there aren't enough lows in this though, but that's just my personal preference. Well mixed and very nice synths. Keep it up!

Love that reverb kick in the intro. Never heard anything like it. That piano is beautiful. Love your use of it. The bass was not crunchy enough for me, but that's just personal opinion and I guess it works well with the rest of the mix.

Sweet break too.

Keep it up :)

Smash is the right word to describe this.

If I had to pick points to improve, I would change the kick for the drop so that it's clearer, though it is more than perfect for the progressive intro. I would also make the lead sharper and less phat, but that's just me. I would also add some sort of minor delay to the mini arp (it plays at 1:40, 1:52 etc) but again, that is just me.

Intro is flawless.

In all, a good 7:20 spent. Thanks.

qkilsdonk responds:

Thank you for your time man! feedback is really usefull! :)

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