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I like what you did to the blips, they sound fantastic now. The 2nd blip also sounds like a rather nice variation. I think that like the previous poster mentioned, the break is too long, but it makes for a nice "when is it going to drop?!" teaser, which in itself is a good thing. Nobody would want to wear out a drop like that would they? :P

The updates you have done have really made a difference (to me). This track is now gold, well done :D. Keep it up, 10/10, 5/5.

jbarnett responds:

glad you like it


Did you make the vocals yourself? If so, very nice. If not, they fit very well IMO (usually I don't like lyrics in electronic music). The song itself is also pretty relaxed, love the synth that comes in at 2:00.

Really, the only problem I have is when the voice says "meditate". For some reason, the reverb on that particular word makes me uncomfortable, or maybe it's just me.

All in all, great job! Keep it up.


I'd imagine this in a madness game of some sort :P.

Love it, nothing else I can say.


Haven't reviewed/checked you out in a long time, got some free time so I'm just lookin' around.

You've improved a lot since last time, love the sidechain on this one. I reckon there could be more lows in here though, balance the frequencies out a little. Overall though, a well balanced and happy piece :)

Keep it up!

Japillow responds:

Thanks for the review, man! I always tend to have some trouble equalizing my tracks :/


Mord Fustang and Skrillex are both great artists, and I think you've nailed the spot in between them. All this needs is some mastering (the kick is rather weak) and it'll be godly!

Great job on this. You should check out Wolfgang Gartner too if you haven't done so already, he's at the top of this genre in my opinion.

mjattie responds:

Yea I know the kick is rather weak, but I tried my best to make it better... I guess I have to begin from scratch with new samples...

yea I know him, he's awesome

thanks for the review!


Making piano louder = Wolfgang Gartner. Please try that out? :D Also, I think the piano just before the drop needs a bit of work, but other than that, great!

I think I fell

Very nice piece, jealous of how you seem to be able to make all genres :P Good luck in the NGADM sir.


How even...

I didn't think this was possible :o


This is some good dubstep~


DJ-Qwamii responds:

dubstep? lol. o.o It's electro~ Thanks for the review and 10 anyways! :)


Considering you used Sytrus and 3xOsc, these synths are amazing. A big applause to you for making such great synths in such simple programs :P The percussion in this piece is also great, keep it up. Good luck against IO.

Decibel responds:

Thanks, Glad you liked it mate :)

I experiment with a wide range of electronic genres (currently experimenting with complextro). I've been making music since November 2009. I use FL Studio 10 (Producer Edition) for all my productions and I currently use 3xOsc and Sytrus as my main VSTs.

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