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Tags = Yoda picking up chicks.

Seriously though, this is a sick loop. That melody is great and the bassline fits very nicely as well. If you plan on expanding this, then I wish you good luck.

Keep it up.

Lalalo14 responds:

Hahahha Thanks man! Sure will do!

At first, when I started listening to this, I thought it was pretty weird and unusual. Then I saw the title and just cracked up.

1:53 sounds pretty good though!

This is a very interesting one. I'll lay out what I like and don't like about this.

- I love the piano that plays throughout. It adds so much to the song. I also feel like it really matches the theme in the author's comments.
- Very nice introduction to the drums at 0:54.
- That guitar at 3.09 is amazing.
- Percussion choice was great. Very suitable for this piece.
- Background strings/pads really helped build the atmosphere, and they are at the perfect volume.
- Everything is well mixed.
- Outro is beautiful.

- Pluck at the very beginning could be lowered in volume a bit I think, to allow the piano to come in more smoothly.
- Didn't like the transition at 2:50. It made me feel like the flow of the mood you established was interrupted.
- Lead that comes in at 5:10 sounds so good, but it is panned too far left. Perhaps try automating it to move between left and right (slightly) and see how that sounds.

Overall, this was a very nice listen. It really fulfilled what you were aiming for.

Good job and keep it up.

johnfn responds:

This is a really great review and it gives me a lot to think about for future pieces. Thank you!

1:17 gave me wings.

Can't say much else. It fits the adventurous theme. I feel like it's more like an 'exploration' adventure rather than a 'running head-on into danger' adventure, not that it's a bad thing, but just personal preference I guess.

Good job :)

Step responds:

Hey, nice of you to drop by!

Those wings must've grown out of you really suddenly because 1:17 has such a horribly abrupt transition right there :(.

Yeah I agree it's more exploration-based, although I did try and add a dangerous/exciting flair at 0:40, since what's an adventure without a little danger amirite?

Thanks for the feedback man!

Very nice. I thought I'd just say that I thought that the sidechaining should be stronger. It starts at a fairly audible level, so perhaps make the sidechain start at a lower volume. I'd imagine it would sound better, but I could be wrong. Just something to experiment with.

Other than that I really like what you've got going on here. Good job and keep it up :D

Some wacky wobbles, hits and blips between each chord hit in the main part would be sick I imagine. Otherwise it's feeling a bit empty atm. The synths are sounding good so far though, and I love that ride. Perfect amount of reverb on it.

DetiousMusic responds:

Well I thought putting synths in between each chord would kill the simplicty, but it's worth a shot. (:
Thanks. :D People underestimate rides and their importance. It fills the gaps when synths are sidechained perfectly. c:

Interesting piece. It starts off very chill, but then you hear quite a strong bass at 0:28 which changes the mood a bit. I think it would have suited the song more if that bass had less attack to it, like a sine wave. The synth at 0:55 is a pleasant surprise. It was somewhat soothing and groovy at the same time. The melody meshed in quite well and I think it was a good addition. I felt like it could use a bit more on the high end though.

2:09 felt awkward to me to be honest. Perhaps it's just the fact that I personally do not like how the bass fits into the rest track, but I soon forget about it as some memory-clouding bells comes in at 2:18 :P.

Percussion work was quite unique. I liked it. The outro was effective as well. Breaks down the song fairly quickly and still ends in a good mood.

All in all, the composition was great. The mixing could use some work but everything else was great. I felt opposite to the title of the song though, I felt a bit warmer as it progressed :)

Keep it up!

geniebmusic responds:

Wow! Thank you for such a thorough review! I really appreciate it.

That's interesting that you say that the fuzzy synth (yes, that is what I call it) needed more on the high end because it drove me MAD whenever I tried to EQ it a little higher LOL!

Hmmm...that bass at 2:09...I'll play around with it some more and see what I can come up with.

As for the mixing, should there be more panning control, volume control, or reverb/delay control (or a bit of everything)? If I tweaked this song and set up a test area for the track, would you be willing to check it out? :D

Either way, thank you very much for listening! I will definitely work harder!

I think the reviews are not that helpful just because of the fact that some people (admittedly myself included) don't like Dutch house or don't know much about it.

The production quality is quite good. White noise is being used well too, love that. I do think the drums are a bit weak though (the kick and clap in particular).

The octave changing lead is a signature of dutch house, but since I don't like dutch house anyway, I'm probably bias about it. I would say it works for what you were aiming for. Perhaps you should add some porta to it though, since most dutch house tracks have some sort of sliding with their leads.

Bias aside, this is quite a well-produced track. I just think you need to find better percussion samples when working with this genre because it does play quite a big role. Anyway, keep it up and don't mind my bias (I tried ignoring it as much as possible) :)

ForeverBound responds:

thanks for your review and u are probably right Dutch house isn't a really big genre and not a lot of people like it. also next house track is gonna be with more melody and less like this.

Stunning intro. It really is fantastic. Starts quiet, yet manages to grab my attention. I think at 1:37 there should be some sort of reverse cymbal just before the drums come in, or at least some sort of indicator that the main part of the song is about to hit. Same with 2:40, as it seems a bit sudden.

So overall, the ideas are really good and work very well, but the transitions from one part to another need some work.

Great to see you trying out a different genre :)

overwhelming12 responds:

Ohh, I see. I'll try to keep in mind to avoid having a sudden transition :)

Thank you for telling me which parts were needed to improve, my friends don't really tell me musical specifics...haha

I like it so far. (luv me sum complextro).

I feel like there isn't enough going on in the low end though, perhaps thickening your bass could solve it.

I like your wobbles, they fit quite nicely. I'm not sure how you go about it but perhaps try to make it sound more "Yai" instead of "Yey"? Just a personal preference :).

Good job though, keep at it!
This review counts as 9/10 (I don't think the stars are working properly for me right now, sorry :s)

ljkDICKJUSTICE responds:

lol sounds good man, thanks for the input! i'll probably extend it later, hopefully make the bass better too!!

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