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The vocals are so cool :D. So chill loop ^^. Not my thing, but definitely a good job :). Keep it up!

Jeesh responds:

Inspired by Mr. Scruff. I am not happy with the drums at the moment the snare really cuts into my ears.


VERY dark reese. Beats are also very good. Vocals are a bit unclear, but sound very good with the rest of the song. All I can say is it is a bit repetitive for 2:10, but nonetheless very well made.

2.71/5.00 (+0.51)

Direlire responds:

Thank you man!
Yeah, true it's repetitive!
Yeah the vocas are sample from "2001" so the sound isn't so good.
Anyway thanks for rating and reviewing!

The game

I hate you.

On topic, this was great ^^. Extend it plox, no flaws at all. Love the choir. Love everything else, hate the game. :(. You lost too you know. :D

ioneofmany responds:

Hey thanks... glad ya like it! Lol yeah I lost as well.. and just now. Fuck. :x

-- Chris


My song is right below yours, and whose are the people gonna click >=O!

This is a great remake, love your use of bells in most your songs, but they sound amazing with the pad here. Since this is a WIP, there's a few things to improve. I can't hear your kick over all the instruments playing, and that's it really :D. Good luck finishing :)

Chimy727 responds:

LAWl i literally just 5'd that song! nice work! weak stuff in there but its got great melodies!
thanks for the review!
AND can you five this song? lol


You've improved a million tons since I last reviewed you work! Congrats man :D. A lot of good sounds which would have made a great song if used properly, I'm not saying you didn't btw.

A few things, at 1:11 that sound was a bit annoying with the pitch change. Don't change the pitch, and it will be awesome :P.
I actually love 2:34. Best part of the song IMO.

Lets see how much you improve next time ^^. You'll probably get better than me :S

Good luck

Nothins responds:

this was a weird song to do, changing from the first sound to the next, and then to another one again. Weird hard song to do, and i still got to fix it up a bit. And as soon as im done doign "Random beats 6" and maybe "Random Openings" i can go back and fix it when i can
but thanks for the review ^^


18 days and 3100 listens. You lucky shizzle :D. You deserve it though, your tracks always stand out from a lot of the stuff here on Newgrounds. Hope this gets finished soon.

Love that intro.


You did much better than me when I started. I went a bit slow. Forgot about Youtube :\. Just keep making music eventually you'll get much much better :).

frirk responds:

Thanks, I will keep trying :D


Heaps and heaps of detail. Also a lot of FX. 0:59 is a killer. Sidechained much? :D.
The kick is perfect for electro. The snare has a lot going on I think? 2:13 Love the lead, but the melody sounds pretty familiar...can't place my tongue on it...but I love the hat/snare intro to the new melo. Wait, I remember the melo. It sounds similar to 'Untitled - Japillow' which I just reviewed >.>. Oh well, fits really well here. 4:40 pure disappointment when killer sidechained bassline fades away :(((((. Meh. Disappointment ends when I hear the outro :). A loopy :D

Also, I hate your low scores and bombers. This should be...4.30 at least.
5/5 for you.
4.08/5.00 (+0.16) :D

Blizzaine responds:

Its gotta fade out sometime D:

Thanks for the review :):):)


I hate it when you leave your song overnight and you come back the next day with no reviews on it! >:(.

Anyways, this would actually have been reallly good if the vocals didn't sound so Mr Roboto'ish; the words are pretty unclear unless you read the description. Would have been great as a real voice. Also, I love the melo at 1:42. I like the breakdown at 5:14 ^^.

A few issues. The main melody is pretty repetitive. A bit too repetitive for 6:54 if you ask me =\.

A bit foggy now, getting late. Have fun on your next project, which I'm putting a lot of faith into, so make it good :D.


I don't think you should add stronger bass or increasing the tempo; this is very unique ;). Never heard anything like this before. Very original. The start is my favourite part. So catchy ^^.

5/5 10/10 :D

Japillow responds:

Don't worry, I'll leave this version up when I make a new one :P Thank you very much!

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