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I think you definitely need to work on the intro. Looks to me as if not many people like the intro. The snare that just kicks at 0:08 just doesn't fit in. After the intro however, it's pure enough. Love the sidechaining and the high blips in the background. All you have to do now is work on the intro and making it longer :D.

dj-Nate responds:

Yeah, I see that now =/

I'll fix her up in the full version.



That's hilarious.

It was actually good before the drums started. The drums there weren't really my taste.

And I had bacon for breakfast today. And lunch.


The first melody reminded me of BOUNC3's 'Crying Soul'. Sounded quite similar, but all the other stuff is great ^^. Just that the kick is all behind the melody, I can't hear it. The high pitched synth near the end really grabbed my attention though. It was amazing ^^. Nice work here.


I HATE it when you think of something completely awesome and you have nothing to accompany it when your like, not even 1 minute in. Well, this sounded like it had a lot of potential. Could be made into trance pretty easily, IF you find something good to accompany it. Maybe ambient as well.

A not-too-helpful review but hope it helps.


There are a few good programs for techno out there. Fl Studio and Reason are the 2 most popular imo, so you should get one of those if you want to start making real techno. It's extremely confusing at first, but watch a few tutorials on Youtube and you'll quickly get the hang of it :).

The song itself is actually pretty good for sibellius. I used it at school and it's horrible >.>

Good luck in getting a new program :)

username0hi0 responds:

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it :)


Love the intro. Very calming, then moves onto a not-too-hard techno beat. I also noticed the melody changing every now again, and still keeps that calm mood. Love that breakdown at 1:53. Overall a very nice song. Good job ^^


Well...the transition at 0:58 is just wowzors :D The panning after than wasn't too good though IMO. 1:45 was amazing how you made the effect fade in so smoothly with that melo. Also, I think the kick is a bit too 'clicky' at 2:39. The melody after that was very good (I'm not sure on this but I think it's a different melo to the panning melo at the start), it should've gone for a bit longer.

Still, this deserves a 10/10 :)

Good luck with your next song, I want to see a hit by you XD


'It is weird to remix a fellow NGer but since he is like a famous NGer I hope I did justice to his track'. Um, did you know ParagonX9 is a girl? >.> anyways, I don't really like metal, but you did a fantastic job with the guitar considering you were playing it. Grats.


After hearing 3 notes, I knew I had to review this. The chimes had a great melody. Then the DnB Comes in. I know this is a WIP, but I still have to tell you to punch up the kick. Not real DnB unless there's real bass :P. 1:35 was a perfect spot for a pause. So was 1:59. Loved those parts. It also occured to me when it ended, that this is a different style of DnB I haven't heard before. Calm (chime things and the pad) and fast at the same time.

Good luck finishing this :D

SpazeMusic responds:

Aight, thanks for the advice man! :D


Not as good as 25 Seconds, that's by far, the best of your hardstyle IMO. Time to be a critic >=)! Well, the kick isn't really hard or punchy, or maybe that's just my earphones (after reading your reply to the first review[My earphones are a typical mp3 or mp4 earphone thing so yeah]). The melody, is awesome. It was the ending that grabbed my attention though, even though you used the same sound as the start, it sounded great as an ending. Sorry for leaving a rather short review, gotta get some sleep.

As for the 9/10, sorry but it just doesn't get my 10. No offence intended of course, but I hope you understand.

Cheers and good luck, I'm loving a lot of your stuff :)

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