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If you ever get to make this longer or a full version, that would be great :D. The only problem I have with this are the 2step hihats, I think they should be changed to a shake rather than using that sound, but that's my opinion. Good luck.


Lovin' the wobble. Mind telling me how you make it? I tried making some dubstep today and the wobble is utter horrible. Do you use 3xOsc?

Anyways, on the song. I think you should work on the kick a bit. I hear a bit of 'bounce' in the kick which I found a bit annoying (my opinion). The snare I think, should have more high freq on it, but I'm a beginner at Dubstep so you might just ignore me here :P.

Overall, all nice and wrapped up for a WIP

MA3HbO responds:

Well i made the wobble with the Predator plugin.But if you want you can make a pretty nice wobble with the 3Osc and a Love Filter.Just put a low pass filter and modulate the cutoff with your LFO.I don't know what you mean with hearing a bounce in the kick but i think i'll change it alot in the final product.As for the snare it has quite a good presence in the highs.Anyway thanks for the review !

PS.If you have any questions PM me and i'll gladly answer you.Cheers !


The piano at the start was awesome! A bit later in the song, I think the synth you used can be changed to give it a more 'epic' feel. Also, I think you can add a lower octave pad to compliment it. 1:42 awesome melody :D. Fitted well with the other parts. That's all I can say right now so yeah. Keep improving :P

Japillow responds:

Thank you! I feel that I improve a little bit with every song :P
And that 1:42 melody was actually from an OLD song of mine that I never put up...


I remember this song from Freerun animation :P Damn that was like 3 months ago and I still remember ^^. Well done on this. It is pretty repetitive but I just looked at the date it was submitted.

5/5 9/10 :)


The melody has some misplaced flat notes here and there, might want to fix that up. Also, this is a bit too repetitive for a casual walking feel. Might wanna add something or cut some out. Has some potential though, if worked on properly.

SamuraiPikachu responds:

Thanks! I'll be sure to look into fixing it up in the near future. Will also take your advice. Yet again, the Repetitiveness. I'm trying hard to make something less repetitive but at the same time, something I like as well.


I actually like how the vocals fit on this, a surprise, since I don't really like vocals. I TOTALLY LOVE THE BLIPS! THEY ARE SO AWESOME! NOMNOMNOM.....

However, I think you should keep the pad that is playing at 1:36. It's a bit empty there. After that, it's almost the same over again, but that's how it works with vocals I guess. Considering all that, you did a great job, again :D

Really looking forward to a new piece. I'm on a writer's block right now and it's pissing me off :\


Congrats on top 30 mate :P Again, pretty unique style. Only things of concern are the snare and ending. The snare is a bit cracky if you know what I mean. The ending is too sudden considering how many were going on there. Anyway, congratulations again on getting top 30 :).

Japillow responds:

Wow, I didn't even know I got top 30 until just now ._.
Thank you for reviewing! And ya, I couldn't really think of a good ending...

Holy crap

Hey, good to see ya again.

The vocals here are amazing. 0:58 sweet transition there. A few things though. For this to be hardstyle, you should make a heavier kick. If you hear other hardstyle songs you'll notice the difference between those kicks and this one. 1:01 love that clap :D. The synth is also pretty sweet. The ending should be looked at though. A bit, plain?

Good luck :D

shesmackshard responds:

The end is for cross fading, and I guess its more jumpstyle - but even at that I dont imitate, I do what I do :)

thanks bro!


I can hear heaps of great sounds here. The drums are not too loud IMO. Its DnB, its supposed to stand out :S. Also, I notice this is a liquid DnB mix, which means most of your sounds are near perfect for liquid. The only sound that worries me at the moment is the snare roll thing at 1:02. That has to be tweaked a bit.

Also, I can't see how this is related to pancakes in any way. No idea how you got that inspiration :P.

Great so far, and since it's a WIP, its a 10/10 :D.

Good luck finishing this.


Dood, you submit a song like, every day! O_o.

Anyway, on the track, it has a alright kick, alright baseline. A good melody comes in after the breakdown :). 2:14 omg best transition I've heard in ages. 2:40 omg best transition I've heard in 26 seconds. 3:04 omg best transition I've heard in 24 seconds. Yeah, heaps of good transitions here :D. Second melody was a bit, repetitive? It's like 8 bars long? Still, a not-too-bad track. No 10 though :\. I feel like something's missing, unlike a few of your other tracks (which I love :D)
The ending was also great. Just a few things needing to be worked on here.

Good luck on your next track ^^.

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