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Melody from youtube tutorial

But other than that everythings good :)
You also need a baseline.

No offence intended just constructive criticism :D

You got bombed m8

Stupid haters. This song is awesome.

Check out my stuff too? I need constructive critisicm from a pro like you :P
Btw when reviewing my stuff don't go into something too hard i'm only 3 months into making music :)

Was pretty good without another melody

It made the next melody flow perfectly ;)

MSXOmega responds:

Yeah, it doesn't sound too bad without it. :P Thanks!

Nice loop

That sequencer is awesome combined with that beat.

Kaizerwolf responds:

Wrote that arp/lead myself. ;)

Thanks for reviewing!

What was the pad right at the start?

I'd like to know which VST it was based on ^^

Unless its a preset then tell me which one XD

Awesome melody btw.

15thDimension responds:

Uh it was the "Resopad" preset in Superwave P8

thx for the review!

Kicks a bit weak

And the piano melody's notes are a bit off, other than that it's pretty good considering your new.


Awesome song. Check out my first hardstyle song @ http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/ 293408

Review it. It's my first hardstyle song I need feedback :)
Thanks in advance.

unrealdark responds:

Sure I will, No problem. :)

Good Luck

Sounds awesome so far

SteakJohnson responds:


Slow intro and boring

Dance songs are like, you know, dancey. The intro just isn't dancey. At most the intro should have been about 16 bars.

After the intro everything was just awesome, the melodies and all. Gotta lower the bass a little though. Kick is also a bit...whats the word...dry?

Good song just needs a bit of editing :)

DavidRx responds:

con-crit just whut i need =D
thx for the review

the intro is long i know...i tryed to ad some ambient kicks and more atmo so some dun lose intrest...but looks like i failed xD

but anyways if i work on this project ima cut some of the intro...
cuz i c its gettin some negative inpact on the ppl here :P

DrX out

So many 0-bombers

Was 4.60/5.00? Now its 3.60/500...

5/5 to help you out mate

Good song too

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