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The intro is longer than the song itself O_o. The kick is a lil messed up in terms of volume, but the melody's good. Fixing up the kick would probably make this awesome, if you make it longer with another melody of course:D

SpazeMusic responds:

Thanks, yeah it's only a demo. I will make the fullversion later when i have time! :)


Hardstyle, DnB, glitch, gabber, trance, techno, all in 1 song! :D This is amazing, hope other people like this type of music too. Congrats on the awesome piece. Only critique I have atm is maybe make the kick...have more punch than bass? It's like a hardcore gabber headache kick. It still sounds pretty good with it though.

Feel free to criticise my stuff too :)

HNI responds:

i wouldn't say i heard much hardstyle in it, but yeah, i really mixed it up in this one.
Bass is one of the factors that divides hard from soft music IMO, so yeah, bassy kick.
Thanks for the review!
P.S. you found this track pretty quick! nice job


This, is extremely original and sounds very proffesional. Congrats! After 2:05 it seems just like a lot of your other hardstyle. Hardstyle then a typical trance/techno melody after. But this is amazing nonetheless.



I'm 13 too! :D

This is a great piece, but sadly, not hardstyle. Try listening to TouHou Hardstyle - Bad Apple. THAT is hardstyle. Not saying this is bad, it's really good, my attempts at making hardstyle have also failed, so no probs :)

TouHou Hardstyle - Bad Apple: www.newgrounds.com/ audio/listen/301816 (no space)

Good luck with the rest of your music, feel free to criticise mine :D


Probably the best thing I've heard in awhile at 1:05. Nothing else to comment on though, except the end, the drums fit really well. That's all I've gotta say for the moment :P

Kreepman responds:

haha thanks!


Turn up the gate!! :D It sounds really awesome at that tempo, awesome stuff should be noticed. Gonna check in a few days and see if it's finished :D

DJ-Babokon responds:


The saw

is too happy for the dark mood the rest of the song sets. Try finding a lower or darker sounding saw and this will be awesome. Maybe one octave lower.

RaREaniMoSiTY responds:

I'll try messing around with it an re-uploading :) thanks


Needs a bit of variation, and I think this might fit more into glitch of DnB more than techno. Still a good song.

trancedatlantic responds:

Good idea It is now DnB

Kick a bit dry

And the claps don't seem to have a very strong effect. Other than that the rest was good. That's a good synth :P

juicedmaster responds:

yeah i know, i was gonna fix it but got bored and just thought id upload lol, thanks for the response

First time?

Impressive. 2:12 ouch...that hurt...

Very good intense melodies. congrats. Rating 9 because the kick wasn't all that great :( I know it's meant to be hard trance but that's a hardcore gabber kick, for those people who are immune to headaches.

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