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Needs a bit of variation, and I think this might fit more into glitch of DnB more than techno. Still a good song.

trancedatlantic responds:

Good idea It is now DnB

Kick a bit dry

And the claps don't seem to have a very strong effect. Other than that the rest was good. That's a good synth :P

juicedmaster responds:

yeah i know, i was gonna fix it but got bored and just thought id upload lol, thanks for the response

First time?

Impressive. 2:12 ouch...that hurt...

Very good intense melodies. congrats. Rating 9 because the kick wasn't all that great :( I know it's meant to be hard trance but that's a hardcore gabber kick, for those people who are immune to headaches.


0:56 exact same buildup and time as Uberdown O_o Still I guess the transition wasn't akward here :) But the melody at 1:51 it was hard to tell when it started and stopped and the kick didn't fit in. Nice pitch change 2:32. High bass at 3:13 is sweet. Practically same style as Uberdown, except no loud drumroll :)

RaveFantazy responds:

haha, i did get the advise to my head at this time :b

but i got no idea for the buildup so i decided to try what i remember :D

but thanks for the comment, i just made this up to gain some more power from that Uberdown-style :b


M8, that melody is the best I've heard in a week :)

But, the snare rolls at 0:28 and 2:16 just killed my ears.

The build-up at 0:56 is very good :), especially when the hats came in, then the melody comes in. The transition at 1:52 sounded a bit weird imo. Maybe it was the chord change. Maybe put a pause there see how it sounds :)

The transition into the higher pitched bass at 2:59 was pure awesomeness, then the awesome fade-out :)

In conclusion, the only thing that is of concern is the snares and the 1:52 transition.

Cheers. Hope you use my melo XD

RaveFantazy responds:

yeeh thanks for the advice :b i try to do something on my time.


The 'Tu-tu-turn it up!' at 1:10 reminds me of techno rocker...damn I got 3 remixes of that song...anywayz...

At some parts the kick drowns everything out. But the main lead and pad is awesome. Also good transitions. Maybe don't cut the frequency off completely? Just halfway or something? Might sound better IMO.

In all, a good song :)


There shouldn't be a pause at 0:07 as it sounded akward. But the melody is very calming. Also good transitions! Check out my new song 'Lead the Way' I need feedback thanks :D

You again XD

Well, the sounds at the start of the song seem to drown each other out, which is a bad thing as you should know :S. And the 16th hats at 1:08 are a bit too loud IMO. Sorry :\

Well, there is also the good part :) The melody, is awesomeness, the choir/chord thing gives it a scary feel :) The heartbeats at the end add to the scariness :S

I hope your response isn't crazily long >.<

Step responds:

Wow, thanks for the helpful review! I'll fix that beginning, and the hi-hats too. Blackhole12 told me about my horrible limiter abusing, so I'll turn off the limiter and EQ every instrument properly to remove clipping. Anyway, thanks again for the review, and don't worry, it's not that long this time round :P.


The kick drowns out the other instruments yet it is dry. Not a good combo. If it was to drown out, make it a bit stronger? 2:19 onwards has this whoosh sound in the background and it's a bit annoying

Other than that, the melody is awesome :) Love the piano at the end.

Sorry if I sounded harsh. Just trying to help :)

ShootingStar responds:

Haha nah :P its good - thanks for the advice!!


The bells

Give an calm feel, which I don't think should be used in dance because your not meant to be calm :S

Anyways. It's suits the title but maybe genre should be changed?

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