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Ha! :D

The preview you showed me few days ago XD

Too bad the everything is like, alot softer when the lead comes in =\

Still good :)


I just looked at your first 5 reviews and found out that I was right about all your reviews being that long :S

I lol'ed pretty hard at window's part. 4:27 might be some melody from Pirates of the Carribean or something? I'm pretty sure I've heard it before too.

Step responds:

Lol, my reviews XD. Sometimes I even wonder to myself how I'm able to come up with so much to say about just one song :P.
About the windows part, yeah, I made 4 other windows songs, so I found it pretty easy :D. Also, I finally found the melody. It's a faster version of a BG tune played with an echo-ish flute in the game Patapon, where you have to fight a big plant boss called a 'Shookle'. Go to 0:40, turn the volume up and try and listen to the flute in the background (remove spaces):
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCXpMe xJ83c&feature=related#movie_player
In other words, I can finally sleep at night XD. Thanks for the review, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Not Bad

The transition sounds odd though...the 'BASS' sounds out of place. Other than that its good.

Naice Track

This is very original and awesome! Transitions are also very cool.
That woosh sound thing is new to me. Fits in O_o

Very good track. Mind checking some of my hardstyle stuff out? Not as good as this but meh XD

Lots of effects this time

And a whole new melody O_o!

My only critic is 1:00 when the cutoff freq fades. It sounds too sudden. You could edit and make it just a tiny bit less sudden and it would all be good XD

Other than that it's good. I hear a stronger kick :)

dj-Nate responds:

Alright, I definitely agree with this as well. Will fix that right up!


I've been making some hardstyle too :)
TBH the intro is kinda long, and the synth just feels like it doesn't fit that well, or maybe that's just my low quality earphones. Anyways, if you have the time, check my stuff out :)

Meonly70 responds:

Will do man, thanks for the opinion and review :D

Nice melody!

But it sounded akward at 0:00, 0:05 and 0:11. In other words, its off key, but just a touch :)

Love that transition at 0:40.

ForestLomn responds:

I thought so too... but i couldnt quite figure out what it was. So then i just got used to the off keyness of it. But thanks:)

The starting synth

It's way too loud IMO. If there were any kicks, I couldn't hear them at that part. 1:14 the notes sound a bit off the kicks. It goes for like 5 kicks, which is rather awkward. Other than that it's fine :)

ShadowsOfLight responds:

Yess you'er right. I have to decrease the volume of everything I didn't realize this w hen I created it > Asio drivers aren't very reliable lol. But i shall fix the kicks being off beat! Thanks! That's the part where I just threw in something to fill in the blanks lol I' ll readjust it with a newer melody. xD


This is like a demo for a new VST XD

Breed responds:

Thanks mate, except this is a REALLY old plug in! Cheers.

AMG it's awesome^_^

Love teh intro and melody! The piano combined with the claps at 1:26 is awesome!
My only critic is that the end is rather 'bad' (I just realised this is WIP lol)

Chimy727 responds:

hehe thanks man! dont you mean Omg? lol maybe not.
ah well.


I experiment with a wide range of electronic genres (currently experimenting with complextro). I've been making music since November 2009. I use FL Studio 10 (Producer Edition) for all my productions and I currently use 3xOsc and Sytrus as my main VSTs.

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