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Well...the transition at 0:58 is just wowzors :D The panning after than wasn't too good though IMO. 1:45 was amazing how you made the effect fade in so smoothly with that melo. Also, I think the kick is a bit too 'clicky' at 2:39. The melody after that was very good (I'm not sure on this but I think it's a different melo to the panning melo at the start), it should've gone for a bit longer.

Still, this deserves a 10/10 :)

Good luck with your next song, I want to see a hit by you XD


Some guy stole your track? That's friggin harsh. Too bad I don't know how to take action. If it was on NG maybe you could report it to the audio mods somehow. If it's not on NG you can take legal action but that's beyond me, I'm 13. I don't read law books...

Anyways, about the song, not much to say really. My brain's clouded with the fact that someone stole your track....

Blizzaine responds:

I am actually in the process of suing now :)


'It is weird to remix a fellow NGer but since he is like a famous NGer I hope I did justice to his track'. Um, did you know ParagonX9 is a girl? >.> anyways, I don't really like metal, but you did a fantastic job with the guitar considering you were playing it. Grats.


After hearing 3 notes, I knew I had to review this. The chimes had a great melody. Then the DnB Comes in. I know this is a WIP, but I still have to tell you to punch up the kick. Not real DnB unless there's real bass :P. 1:35 was a perfect spot for a pause. So was 1:59. Loved those parts. It also occured to me when it ended, that this is a different style of DnB I haven't heard before. Calm (chime things and the pad) and fast at the same time.

Good luck finishing this :D

SpazeMusic responds:

Aight, thanks for the advice man! :D


Not as good as 25 Seconds, that's by far, the best of your hardstyle IMO. Time to be a critic >=)! Well, the kick isn't really hard or punchy, or maybe that's just my earphones (after reading your reply to the first review[My earphones are a typical mp3 or mp4 earphone thing so yeah]). The melody, is awesome. It was the ending that grabbed my attention though, even though you used the same sound as the start, it sounded great as an ending. Sorry for leaving a rather short review, gotta get some sleep.

As for the 9/10, sorry but it just doesn't get my 10. No offence intended of course, but I hope you understand.

Cheers and good luck, I'm loving a lot of your stuff :)


Amazing. Before I reviewed this, I checked out the original, and it's about 6-7 minutes. This is almost 9 minutes, maybe cut out some parts which sound the same? Or shorten the intro? The synth/pad thing you used after the piano was so awesome. Out of curiosity, did you just make a square synth and turn down the freq? Sounds like something I found a while ago. Anyway, nothing less than a 5/5 10/10 for this uber thing. :D

P.S If you find a vocalist, could you leave the voxless version here too? Didn't like the vocals in the original much probably won't like it on this either.

Blizzaine responds:

Actually the one I covered was the original vocal mix which runs around 9:00

The lead is a saw, and a saw pad morphed.

And I probably wont ever get to vocals in this song, as all my project files were lost in a tragic computer crash ;-;


Considering this is WIP, I hope you do a whole lot of mastering. Can't hear any percussion save for the snare at 0:35. But the melodies are great. With a bit of mastering volumes etc, this can be awesome!

Good luck.

To be honest

The first melody sounds like 'Move it' from Madagasgar (however you spell it) movie lmao. Still, the bassline is awesome, and the progression is good. The things I should point out though, are the kick, claps and snares. The kick, is a bit weak and dry, a really strong punchy kick would do this some awesomeness. The claps, also lack something, not sure what it is but yeah >.> And snares, you need snares :S If you layered snares with your claps then I'm sorry, I'm used to snares that go in: Kick, snare, kick, snare pattern.

Maybe I sounded a bit harsh, sorreh :S

The melodies and hats were really good though. Keep it up :D

shesmackshard responds:

Lol thanks I'll check some of this stuff out! And I think I might layer an 808 on the kick during the busy parts, to make it really punchy.

Forgot about snares haha :D

Ill see what I can do for the final product on the album, but as for newgrounds, this is it until the release of my album :)

thank you again!!


Catchy and great beat, pretty housey to me. Only critic I have is the lead synth is a bit loud, but that's about it.

shesmackshard responds:

You know what bro lmao, I totally meant to put this in House. I was confused by your review at first. Fack.

Thanks for pointing that out man, and thank you for the review. I checked the levels on my 7.1 surround and car audio and sounds how I want it to be, but Ill check them on some monitors sometime this week. Thanks again!


The gate sounds really good, but the crashes and reverse crashes are too loud IMO. Fade in/outs at 1:05 sounded great when the gate follows after, then the piano had a great melody. 2:00 great transition but a bit loud. 2:33 pitch change is nice. 3:06 also a bit loud. Awesome ending was one of the best I've heard in awhile. Grats on this.

DJ-Babokon responds:

Alright. I appreciate your review.

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