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I'm just gonna review this and see how you reply after reading your replies :D.

Oh uh..something constructive...
Sounds liek mice.

Kalapsia responds:

you little bitch dont talk to me like that again


I can imagine this being better suited as a DnB song. If you tweak that bassline to be more reesy, this tune will be sick with the right kicks and snares.

Not much to complain about though, although I like the small hats with minor reverb added to them a nice effect.

Very nice

That's a really catchy tune paired with a great kick. The other percussion also sounds great with the mix. Not much I can criticise here. Maybe use more cymbals/crashes here and there. Sounds a tiny empty without them. Otherwise, amazing job. You've got great potential. Good luck.

I-Saved-The-World responds:

Thanks lots for the review! :) I still have lots more to work on though, i think! :O


This sounds a lot like what I love listening to. The synths and the whole mix itself is perfect. The progression and breakdowns were in perfect places. The break is amazing and epic. Although I'd say there are too many reverb kicks, it still sounds great.

There aren't many things I don't like about this, although the pitch-rising synth kind of doesn't fit in with the rest.

All in all, great piece and finally get to see some electro that suits my style. Keep it up.

Damn it

Why was I paired with you...


Right now, I'm feeling sorry for SteakJohnson. The lows are only sounding on my sub and not on my other speakers, so it kind of sounds akward, but there's a 9 cause it's beast :)


This is scary. Like, really O_o. The atmospheric effects really make this sound like you are in some kind of limbo. The many different effects and percussion make this actually interesting and fun to listen to :O. The changes in effects also keep the attention of the listener, which is great.

The tapping reverb thing at 2:44 is so creepy :S I like turned around 'cause I didn't know it was in the song -.-

Unfortunately I don't have a subwoofer and I can't hear the lows this song has. Oh well. Great composition and I lol'ed at the change in chords because it was so akward :P

Aw :(

Well there goes my proceeding to the next round :(.

Your transitional skills are so much better than mine :O. 1:47 :) You also seem to make the song not too repetitive even though the same elements are used throughout the whole song. I kind of found the main lead annoying but that's just me.

I don't like 2:57's beat either because I just don't like it :S, but the ending was awesome. I love how you added some effects to the snare or completely different instruments to make them sound so great.

The effect on the hat I hear right now (not sure if it's just my speakers glitching up) but I hear the hats being panned very slightly with reverb, and that sounds great. Makes them so much more calming.

Not much else to comment on. So good luck in the competition my good man :)

KroweMusic responds:

Dude...you gotta stop being so negative! You can't just give up like that! :P

I wouldn't say my transitions are better than yours. Maybe about the same, but not better. I thought the transitions in this song were very messy to be honest.

The other things you disliked sound like personal preferences so I can't do much about those. :P

I appreciate the review and the friendly competition! And also, just in case you beat me, good luck in the next round! :)


67 votes with a fricken 4.97!!

So, who would wish to bet with me who will get into top 5.

PrEmoEffect responds:

Haha, didn't happen. You can write a check for $50 to... haha jk.


That panned snare effect really got my attention man! That was amazing.

The song overall was very well composed. I have to say I'm not a fan of ambient much at all, but this managed to keep my attention till the very end by introducing new stuff and giving stuff a break just at the right times. I'm not too good at that :S

The outro was strange but I loved it. Was it the snare reversed with the same effects? It sounded really cool ^^.

Anyway, good luck against Nubbin :)

SineRider responds:

The ping pong delay in Ableton is great for the panning and the outro was the intro reversed with a hig pass filter, nothing too out there :)

Thanks for the review, and glad ya liked it :)

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