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This was a pleasant listen. I'm not an avid listener of piano pieces, but this was quite nice to listen to. The only issue I have is that the piano itself does not really sound much like a real piano (or it could just be me). I myself use "Piano One" if I wanted some piano, which is free and I do suggest googling it if you haven't already.

Other than that this was nice, especially if you're quite new, which is impressive. Keep it up :)

geniebmusic responds:

Ah, thank you for listening! That means a lot that you enjoyed it too.
I'll look up Piano One. I never heard of it until now. Thanks for the suggestion!

I do think that the transition was a bit odd as you stated, but the piece as a whole suits the intended mood for sure :) Some very nice instruments you have going on there as well! I don't get to hear those often in the music I listen to, so it was an interesting listen.

Good luck in the NATA.

Step responds:

Yeah, that transition... First it's all smooth jazz and whatnot, and then out of nowhere a flute screams :(.

Oh well, I'm relieved that you think it's not horrible haha. Thanks for reviewing!

It's been awhile, and you've definitely improved! :D

I really like the eerie atmosphere in this. I can hear some sort of soft snare or hat panned to the left, which I thought was a nice touch. It's a bit repetitive, but I personally didn't mind it too much.

Anyway, great to see you're still making music. Keep it up :)

Nothins responds:

I know, i wanted to change it, but the problem was, if i changed it, it didnt have the same feel. I didnt wanna mess with something thats fine as it is. Still its always great to see you comment, even 4 years later.

First thing I noticed was that the snare has too much reverb. Perhaps have two alternating snares, one with reverb and one without, so that you keep the dynamics without overwhelming the mix with reverb. The synths themselves are great though, although the mixing could use some work.

Overall this track could use some mixing, but other than that it's sounding pretty good.
Keep it up :)

Theledge93 responds:

Thank You! im still getting a handle on the mixing mastering business. it's slowly but surely coming along.

I don't listen to much classical, but this sounds very well composed. I can quite easily imagine the scenario that your friend came up with listening to this.

In my opinion though, a fade-out for the outro would have been nicer to listen to. For some reason, when the harp (I believe its the harp, I'm not very good with instruments) rises in pitch, it seemed like there were off-key notes. It could just be me, but you might like to check that out.

Either way, this was a great composition. Keep it up.


I look forward to more :)

overwhelming12 responds:

I see. It's great to hear people are able to imagine through the music as my friend was able to :)

I actually struggled in the ending either if I should be putting a "surprise" ending or the fade out type...and with the harp...I did have technical problems of harp not playing in proper tempo but the key wasn't off though..(I just checked it).

Thank you for your review! Will be posting more pieces (with some tests of various style of music). :)

If this is the first song you've ever made, I'm very impressed. Everything blends very well together. There are some percussion issues as stated before, but that can be fixed with time.

In any case, this was a very pleasant listen, and a very impressive first song :)

Keep it up!

XToxicReaper responds:

I'm flattered by your compliment thank you.

Hopefully by the time I grow up as an artist I can finally be on par with deadmau5...............

But for now I just gotta keep making music

Very interesting idea to work around. I personally don't mind the repetitiveness, as I'm quite used to it plus the fact it is progressive. I do think though, as stated before, that the 8-bit melody at 2:20 needs some tweaking so that it fits in better. It's not a bad melody, but it doesn't really fit in with the bassline or the rest of the mix either imo.

I like the breakdown at 3:13 though, especially when the sound at 3:34 comes in. That was a nice touch.

All in all - work on that 8-bit melody and this will be great!

Repetitiveness is an issue, but that is all up to personal preference.

Good luck :)

GershBeats responds:

Thanks for the review and kind rating! Yep that 2:20 section is not going over so well with the masses! I'll definitely have to rethink it or cut it out. As for repetitiveness, we'll see - I personally think the song flows nicely and switches up when it's called for, but if that gets too much criticism I'll rethink it as well.

Thanks dawg!

I really feel like many good things can be done with that high resonance bass :D. Keep messing around with it and see what you come up with :)

DetiousMusic responds:

Well I already did a lot of things with it. :P What did you have in mind dude? Message me your thoughts!

If you have massive maybe I can let you play with the preset! :D

I feel like the high bass has too much reverb in it, but the low growling bass is great.

pls this bass made my house collapse

But y'know, it was worth it.


TIMarbury responds:

i got you with a new house my man

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