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Hm, from what I can hear, your composition shows some promise. The structure is pretty good, especially for your first track. What is lacking, and I think it's something that comes in time, is the sound design. I've never used beatwave before, nor do I know what it's capable of, but basically the synths you're using now sound a bit lackluster, and the mixing is pretty much non-existent.

Don't worry, these are things that nobody knows about when they first start. What I would suggest is to look up videos on how to mix a song and learn how to make your songs sound more 'full'. A few basic techniques are things like layering synths or adding delay/reverb (I can already hear some delay/reverb in here, so that's a good start).

Anyway, at this point it's a bit hard to give many more tips than that. The best way to improve is to keep making music and experiment with everything. This is a good start, I'll be watching to see how you'll develop :)

3Delta responds:

Thank you! This really are some good tips. I'll take them into account. I could comment on each of them, but I would be basically saying I'll take them into account. :)

Ok I know this song is somewhat old now but for whatever strange reason I wasn't following you before. Just wanted to drop by to let you know that this one sounds great. Never too overwhelming or too much going on, really easy to listen to and easy to appreciate all the little elements like that little pitch bend thing at 1:37 (my favourite part I think).

The only part that irked me a little bit was the final piano chord, it kinda sounded like it was starting again rather than ending, but it's not really a big deal and I'm just nitpicking at this point.

Anyway, good job, keep it up!

Lockyn responds:

Thanks for the follow! I appreciate the honest feedback, I feel you about the piano but I'm glad you enjoyed regardless. Cheers mate :)

I stumbled across this after re-reading a review that you left me in 2009 (time flies), and I'm glad I did. This sounds really well done. That part starting at 1:09 really got my attention, really awesome buildup there. Not much else I can say since I don't really know enough about this genre to critique it. Good job on this (and thanks for the review many years ago) :)

Didn't even realise it was looping for like 10 loops. Nice and catchy, but it does seem hard to turn into a full song as it is currently (not that it matters, works just fine as a loop).

D-Chain responds:

Thanks Abbic!
even though you think it seems hard to turn this into a full song,
perhaps it doesn't sound like the usual dubstep or takes a turn for the worse,
im still going to 'finish' it the best way i can :)
Maybe ill throw in some trap or create a trap-like structured song.

Quality as always. I like how I've went from trying to find small things to nitpick to not bothering anymore. This one sounds like it has a lot of potential, hope to hear it finished at some point :)

D-Chain responds:

Thanks Abbic!
i can somewhat relate to your thoughts and nitpicking ;)
specially the vocal chops. it disturbs, because there is no real structure. to name something.


Very nice and chill though. Really good work with this. Loops so well too :D

Noisysundae responds:


I clicked the link and saw the title and was like "YISSSS". I agree with the person below, the buildup did have me expecting more. I think it's a matter of synthwork, the lead saw (the crisp one) seems a little bit thin, and there isn't enough mid-low bass going on (not sure of the exact terminology, I can hear a sub but usually there's another synth playing low-ish note to fill that lower mid frequency range).

The arrangement is on point though. The track itself already sounds pretty good, I just think that with better synthwork it could sound even better. I can't really comment on percussion since it's one of my weak points, but it does sound well arranged. I personally like my kicks a little stronger but that's personal preference :p.

Good job on this, keep it up!

KORAII responds:

Thank you man :D ill remember that for later tracks, tho its hard to remember the little things when im using the demo version :/ im glad you like it ;)

Trap/drumstep version of this sounds exciting to me. No idea what goes into this genre so sadly I have no constructive criticism to offer this time, just dropping by to say I'm looking forward to the remix :p

D-Chain responds:

Ill probably Go for the more melodic drumstep, its much more euphoric and certainly fits this remix the best. But ill make sure to have some trap elements aswell.
And same to you abbic, im looking forward on working on it again and eager to show more

Just beautiful. I really can't say much more than that. The little vibrato lead at 1:00 is so perfect I actually gasped. I've never played this game, but it seems that it has a great soundtrack for remixing since I've seen so many remixes.

Again at 2:15 you nail the synthwork. Everything just works perfectly. Props to you for such a enjoyable listen :).

If I had to be reaaallly picky, it would be that I found the snare at 3:15 a little bit out of place, and also the last piano note in the outro was a bit weird (it kinda blipped). It's really no big deal though, the track is pretty much flawless.

Keep it up!

Lockyn responds:

Hey DjAbbic, glad to see you're alive and kicking. I still remember listening to that electro house track of yours a while back and it was killer, hope you got new stuff in store. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your two bits, really appreciate it! I'm really happy you enjoyed the melodic leads and atmosphere, really worked at making those leads stand out. for sure I agree with the last piano chord, I'm still not really satisfied with it but I wanted it to end with piano. either way I'm glad you enjoyed that much :) cheers!

Wow very interesting. I'd call it melodic dubstep too. Really love how different this is though, the integration of the piano in the drop is really well done too.

I just feel like there are some mixing issues though, some of the synths sound a little muddy (mostly in the mid range, the chord synths might be playing at a bad octave or the synth itself is a little messy, you can hear this in the buildup pretty easily).

Other than that, I really liked this. Keep it up!

martin-wales responds:

thanks for the review bro, loving any constructive criticism I can get atm. I have to say though I won't be revisiting this track I've already moved on. however duly noted I'll keep that in mind for future tracks. :D spot on.

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