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It's been a while, but I remember your previous Man on the Run remix, which was great.

This however, this is amazing. I really like what you did to the vocals and piano to make them fit the tempo. All the synths are great too, although I feel like that detuned synth at 2:17 could have been used better by adding porta and giving it a more emotional melody.

The drumwork in the buildups is great too, but I think the snare sounds a bit weak after the drop hits in comparison with everything else that is happening.

In any case, this is just nitpicking. This was a great track so keep up the good work.

Lovely atmosphere at the beginning, but I can't say it's new from you :p. The melody is great too, I love that synth, it feels so rich and warm. Pretty fancy snare roll at 0:32 as well. I was thinking about how the pitch rise in the buildup would sound if you sidechain it with the snare roll, maybe play around with that a bit and see how it works out.

Something irks me about the pitch synth that comes in at 1:32 though, I don't really like it. Maybe try to give it a melody.

The synth and percussion quality sound top notch, keep it up :)

D-Chain responds:

Haha yea, yesterday i woke up and got this weird pitch idea you are hearing at 1:32..
for some reason it also reminds me of the jump sound-sample in all mario games.
however.. i can not really give it a melody, that would ruin the whole 'anti' climax feel of the song. and as you might have noticed, im quite the anti-climax guy.

Thanks for reviewing!

-The anti-climax guy

Haha I watched Death Note recently and I can easily imagine your voice being dubbed over those characters, kudos for that one.

I can't really say anything about your range because I don't have enough experience with these reels to make any comparisons, but the voices that had effects placed on them were done really well. Keep it up.

Chemiqals responds:

Thank you! Light is one of my favorite characters to voice. In fact Brad Swaile, the English voice actor for Light, was the person who inspired me to get into voice acting! I've done quite a few Death Note fandubs! ^_^

I feel like there's something off about the hats that come in at 0:29. Maybe change them to open hats instead of closed hats. About the flute thing detracting from the buildup as said below, you could perhaps sidechain it as the snare roll starts. As for the drop itself, it feels a bit empty between the growls, so maybe have another softer bass playing at those places too.

That about sums up the critiques. The melody was great and the use of the flute worked out nicely to convey the 'deserted' feeling that you wanted. The growls themselves also seemed to be very well designed, although the high screechy synth felt a bit loud. Also as oOzeroOo said below, the ending was pretty sudden.

So far this seems very promising, I'd be interested to see where you take it if you decide to work on it any further :). Good work and keep it up.

Pandasticality responds:

thank you for good critique :) il work harder next time, thanks for the tips n__n!

Wow this is huge. Definitely not what I expected when I clicked on this. I don't really have any critiques to make, this is great. The synthwork is perfect and the energy is there throughout the whole thing.

Well done, keep it up!

The structure is very nice, but the high frequencies are very cluttered. Also, the high pitch-sliding synth sounds too high/harsh/raw, it kinda pierces my ear.

Pretty much, you got a good thing going on here that requires a bit of mixing and tweaks to that one instrument. The buildup is great and as I said earlier, the structure of the drop sounds cool but the EQ issues really detract from it.

Good luck! This has a lot of potential.

jakex09 responds:

Yea i just learned the basics of mastering and i'm very rudimentary with sound design atm. Just now figuring the whole thing out lol.

I really like the intro, the way that arp synth fades in is perfect,that detuned square sounds great and the melody is awesome.

The drop is nice too, but the chords being played in the background don't seem to work for me. Perhaps they might sound better if shifted 1 octave up/high eq boost?

But I'm just nitpicking, this was a great song, keep it up!

This was actually where I found it, but I guess I somehow forgot to review this one.

It adds everything that was missing imo, which makes this epic :D All the punchier drums were exactly what I imagined when I was listening to the original.

I'm curious though, how did you notice my review on the original so quickly?

DESHIEL responds:

I was waiting day and night for somebody like u 8D

Wow this is great. The only thing it's currently lacking is stronger percussion I think, and perhaps the transition at 0:22 could use work (although I like it as it is) . Everything else sounds great so far. Keep it up!

That buildup is epic, I hope you keep it. I feel like some occasional stuttering of the lead might sound cool, but that's just me. Also, maybe you could have a high pitched synth with portamento enabled (kinda like that synth at the very end) playing when the rest of the percussion comes in.

Just a couple ideas to play around with. Good luck with this one :D

D-Chain responds:

The portamento high lead synth sounds like a great idea! gonna put it it in lol thanks!

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