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I really can't point out any flaws in this. This is great. I really like the snare fill in this one. 2:14 was beautiful as well, although I think maybe having a high pass filter there would make it even cooler. I won't talk about the mix since you know what needs to be done there.

Keep it up!

Amazing piano at the beginning. Sounds so rich and warm. A bit iffy about the voices that seem to drown out the piano and make things a bit muddy from the white noise, I feel like it detracts from the piano and the sudden disappearance of the white noise kinda throws off the atmosphere that's being set by the piano.

Everything else is fantastic though, not much else to say. Melody is nice and the transitions are good, although the snare rolls seem like they're missing something. Keep it up!

I was definitely surprised when the drums came in, and found myself enjoying it too. It has a nice uplifting - almost cute - vibe to it that just makes it fun to listen to.

The only thing I would criticise is the lack of depth in the intro. It's probably just personal preference speaking here, but I feel like more complexity could be added to the intro to 'hook' people in, as well as give the song a sense of direction right from the start.

Either way, you've got quite a nice tune going here so, keep it up! :)

xxxZigZagxxx responds:

Thanks for the encouragement. It does sound somewhat cute, doesn't it?

Yeah, I was wondering whether the intro wasn't interesting enough. In the end I kept it in because I wanted the drop to sound surprising, but I think you're right, embellishments could be made to hook the person in more.

Thanks DjAbbic :)


The first half was really well done, nice spooky melody. When 1:14 hit though, it sounded a bit empty to me. Not sure how I'd change it, but I just wanted to point it out.

Some really cool melodies in here though, and I like the variation with different instruments playing the same melody. Interesting outro as well. That's new to me and I like it :D.

Keep it up :)

Breed responds:

Thanks for the review. Definitely one of those tracks that benefits from having a subwoofer, otherwise you're right that second half feels quite empty.


You're alive! So glad to see something new from you.

Beautiful intro, although I feel like the saw at 0:14 is lacking a bit on the high end, but that's just because I like my saws crisper. Not much else to say about the rest, it's quite flawless in just about everything else. It may be generic, but as if I could complain about that :D.

Good luck getting out of the writer's block.

Nice intro, grabbed my attention right off the bat. I like the cheery vibes from this too. I feel like the kick sample is lacking a bit of click, but that's personal preference. It seems somewhat repetitive, but not to the point where I'm saying 'wow this is repetitive', which is fine I guess (at this point I just noticed this is supposed to be an instrumental, so vocals would definitely fix that problem).

All in all, a nice track to lift your spirits, good job :)

akiTONE responds:

Thanks! Yeah, the vocals would kind of help, but being an earlier composition it's still kind of basic compared to the stuff I've put out recently.

I really do like the lyrics though, so I want to try and make a solid instrumental to compliement them.

Very nice right from the start. Love the mini transition to when the big synth comes in at 0:15. I feel like at the main part, the piano is the thing that's giving the most melody, but it doesn't sound like it stands out enough.

Not much else to say at this point, it's sounding great so far :D. Maybe try a little highpass filter on the big synth at 0:30 and see how that works out :p

Oh damn! This is sick! I love how you have all the atmospheric synths/pads in the background to give the heavy beat some kind of melody. The beat itself is pretty awesome as well. That siren-ish synth at 1:34 is really nice too.

However, I feel like the whole section from 2:30 to 3:15 didn't really add anything to the song, since it didn't lead up to anything different from what came before it (I notice the new voices, but it seems to me to be too subtle of a change). Also, because of that, it does seem a bit repetitive.

This is a really nice track though, good luck to you.

Waidmann responds:

the track was designed this way

sorry it didnt seem like it lead anywhere to you, thought the structure was pretty straightfoward, dunno how you can miss it.

It sounds a lot more crisp than the previous version, which is awesome. Love the panning on the snares at 2:16. Also the pitch bendy synth sounds less out-of-place than the previous version. I feel like the sidechain is slightly too strong at 2:13 though.

Awesome build up at 2:43, but I think you should experiment with adding a 1-bar-pause at 3:12, see if it makes the impact stronger :p.

Anyway, great quality. I think once you have your quality down, your creativity can take over then you can have high-quality creativity :D.

We'll miss you here. Hope to see you around elsewhere.

D-Chain responds:

Thanks Abbic!
I will put those in the final mix because ive always loved your reviews ;) they are simple yet effective. keep it that way lol
besides.. i will be around.. on newgrounds, checking daily for new born talent or reviewing perhaps scouting if any decent users on the list. just not the music submission part because its time i set another 'course' and think smart.

Personally I don't mind the reverb in this, I actually find that it fits quite well. The transition at 1:56 feels a bit odd to me however, although it's growing on me the more I listen. Having said that though, I think you should find a way to make it sound better the first time (sorry I can't help you here :p).

Everything else is amazing. Love the synth, and the hat patterns are just so smooth. Can't wait to see what else you can do to this. Good luck!

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