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You're back, and what a masterpiece this one is. Amazing.

L-Mity responds:

Not actually back, i'm still on army
Still 353 days for end my duty. 😭

So nice

L-Mity responds:

long time no see :D good to see you again abbic!

Incredibly good, nice job on this one.

Noisysundae responds:

Thanks. Glad to see you're still around!

Wow this is incredible. Really love this one, good job!

L-Mity responds:

Good to see you again Abbic! :D
Thank you for listening!!

Dude this was nuts. Mantra had me so shook but I loved it.

Omnivore responds:

Duuuude I really want to play Mantra out and do some live brainwashing ya feel?

Really like this one, nice work. The only issue I found was that the transition at 1:23 was a bit awkward, but the rest of it sounded really nice.

L-Mity responds:

Yea.. that part.. ;-;

Absolutely fantastic lmao

BraydenGD responds:

ayy thanks :0
It almost sounds like yours because I heard your remix and I cant play the original song's tune :/
it's pretty horrible to me, lacks a drop, isn't that exciting to wait for it.

Absolutely amazing.

Transition at 1:21 - perfection. Chord progression is beautiful (1:27 made me go :O), melodies are nice, reverb is great all round, vocal chops at 4:43 were great, percussion was spot on. Everything about this is great.

You surpassed me long ago, but this is next level stuff. Awesome job on this one man! :D

KORAII responds:

Thanks for the support all this time man, really enjoyed making this track <3

This is so good, nothing bad to say about it at all. Awesome job man.

KORAII responds:

thanks abbic my boii xD good to see you still alive

Such a nice full sound right from the start. I think the transition at 1:06 could use a bit more contrast, but I'm just someone who likes pauses I guess. I feel like the lead sound that comes in at 2:03 would have sounded even better with some porta to slide it around (I can hear that you did it to some of the notes). Outro was beautiful too (would've liked the atmosphere and reverb to go a bit longer though)

Really not much I can fault with this. Good job and keep it up :)

KORAII responds:

Thanks heaps man, good to see youre still alive xD

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