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Thanks for giving feedback

My turn >:)

All I can say is the kick is missing something and the snare doesn't fit too well :S

AceMantra responds:

Oh noes! haha
thanks for the review :P

Slow intro and boring

Dance songs are like, you know, dancey. The intro just isn't dancey. At most the intro should have been about 16 bars.

After the intro everything was just awesome, the melodies and all. Gotta lower the bass a little though. Kick is also a bit...whats the word...dry?

Good song just needs a bit of editing :)

DavidRx responds:

con-crit just whut i need =D
thx for the review

the intro is long i know...i tryed to ad some ambient kicks and more atmo so some dun lose intrest...but looks like i failed xD

but anyways if i work on this project ima cut some of the intro...
cuz i c its gettin some negative inpact on the ppl here :P

DrX out

Very good

There's a DnB feel to it and it's DnB so you did your job :D It's really good. Keep it up :) 9 stars because it's too short :S

combatplayer responds:

thanks =D and yeah.. i would have made it longer if i could think of anything tu put on it... but made it just after the one i uploaded rght before this... so i were kinda dead of inspiration.. if i think of anything i might expand it =P

thanks for your Review =P

Nice melodies

Beat also catchy :)

Guitar part I found it weird >.<

Manhart responds:

I'm glad you liked the melodies and the beat.
It is indeed a bit weird :>

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