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The game

I hate you.

On topic, this was great ^^. Extend it plox, no flaws at all. Love the choir. Love everything else, hate the game. :(. You lost too you know. :D

ioneofmany responds:

Hey thanks... glad ya like it! Lol yeah I lost as well.. and just now. Fuck. :x

-- Chris


My song is right below yours, and whose are the people gonna click >=O!

This is a great remake, love your use of bells in most your songs, but they sound amazing with the pad here. Since this is a WIP, there's a few things to improve. I can't hear your kick over all the instruments playing, and that's it really :D. Good luck finishing :)

Chimy727 responds:

LAWl i literally just 5'd that song! nice work! weak stuff in there but its got great melodies!
thanks for the review!
AND can you five this song? lol


You've improved a million tons since I last reviewed you work! Congrats man :D. A lot of good sounds which would have made a great song if used properly, I'm not saying you didn't btw.

A few things, at 1:11 that sound was a bit annoying with the pitch change. Don't change the pitch, and it will be awesome :P.
I actually love 2:34. Best part of the song IMO.

Lets see how much you improve next time ^^. You'll probably get better than me :S

Good luck

Nothins responds:

this was a weird song to do, changing from the first sound to the next, and then to another one again. Weird hard song to do, and i still got to fix it up a bit. And as soon as im done doign "Random beats 6" and maybe "Random Openings" i can go back and fix it when i can
but thanks for the review ^^


You did much better than me when I started. I went a bit slow. Forgot about Youtube :\. Just keep making music eventually you'll get much much better :).

frirk responds:

Thanks, I will keep trying :D


Heaps and heaps of detail. Also a lot of FX. 0:59 is a killer. Sidechained much? :D.
The kick is perfect for electro. The snare has a lot going on I think? 2:13 Love the lead, but the melody sounds pretty familiar...can't place my tongue on it...but I love the hat/snare intro to the new melo. Wait, I remember the melo. It sounds similar to 'Untitled - Japillow' which I just reviewed >.>. Oh well, fits really well here. 4:40 pure disappointment when killer sidechained bassline fades away :(((((. Meh. Disappointment ends when I hear the outro :). A loopy :D

Also, I hate your low scores and bombers. This should be...4.30 at least.
5/5 for you.
4.08/5.00 (+0.16) :D

Blizzaine responds:

Its gotta fade out sometime D:

Thanks for the review :):):)


I don't think you should add stronger bass or increasing the tempo; this is very unique ;). Never heard anything like this before. Very original. The start is my favourite part. So catchy ^^.

5/5 10/10 :D

Japillow responds:

Don't worry, I'll leave this version up when I make a new one :P Thank you very much!


Amazing stuff here. Good beat, leads. Also great voicing idea. 'It just needs...moar' :D. A bit too repetitive though. It got to the point where i was going to click the 'back' button, but I'm leaving a review ^^.

Just needs a few tweaks and changes. Good luck.

Rig responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I'm working on making this thing a bit less repetitive :)


I think you definitely need to work on the intro. Looks to me as if not many people like the intro. The snare that just kicks at 0:08 just doesn't fit in. After the intro however, it's pure enough. Love the sidechaining and the high blips in the background. All you have to do now is work on the intro and making it longer :D.

dj-Nate responds:

Yeah, I see that now =/

I'll fix her up in the full version.


There are a few good programs for techno out there. Fl Studio and Reason are the 2 most popular imo, so you should get one of those if you want to start making real techno. It's extremely confusing at first, but watch a few tutorials on Youtube and you'll quickly get the hang of it :).

The song itself is actually pretty good for sibellius. I used it at school and it's horrible >.>

Good luck in getting a new program :)

username0hi0 responds:

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it :)


Some guy stole your track? That's friggin harsh. Too bad I don't know how to take action. If it was on NG maybe you could report it to the audio mods somehow. If it's not on NG you can take legal action but that's beyond me, I'm 13. I don't read law books...

Anyways, about the song, not much to say really. My brain's clouded with the fact that someone stole your track....

Blizzaine responds:

I am actually in the process of suing now :)

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