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This has great instruments and synths, and it's even better considering how it was made with 3xOsc. The sidechain on that pad is just sick. The plucks also sound great with the beat. The lead though, I have to say, it's a bit on the low volume side, maybe make that a bit louder, so that you can notice it.

The kick is perfect for trance like this. It doesn't have too much click to it, which is great. It also goes very well with the snare, because that snare is just good :P
The hats are in a very nice beat with the kick and snare, which makes this song's percussion perfect.

The sidechained pad has a nice, epic feel to it, which is always welcomed in trance. Also, not having the pad at max freq was a good idea, otherwise it would just have sounded empty on the low freqs.

The lead sounded very soothing and relaxing, and had a great relaxing melody to it as well, which is very trancey. The only flaw here is that it is not too loud, which I guess, leads attention to other aspects of the song. Just increase the volume a bit here and this will be amazing :)

To conclude, this song has a nice variety of instruments with a nice calm melody and a killer sidechained pad combined to make a near flawless trance piece :). Also, didn't realise this was looping until just then :S A very good loop for a flash I can imagine. Well done.

XotiK responds:

hey thanks for the review. this one is just about done. Still need to add in couple effects and adjustments.


Like many of the folks here, I'm gonna 'try' to make a long, rediculous and nonsense review! First, to make it look long...I like pinecones. Those are the longest author comments I've ever seen. This song is cool. Hey wait, it's Supersteph54! I seriously didn't realise till then >.>.

Now that's out of the way, I really like the intro. The fade in with the hats sound really good. However, I think it would have sounded better if there was something else before that. Maybe a piano or a pad (or both :D) to accompany it for about 20 secs to make it sound more full/epic.

The melody, like a lot of other people here, reminds me of Chaoz Fantasy. The note's rhythm (is that spelt right? =\) is almost exactly the same as CF. The sound of the instrument playing the melody though, made it more interesting than it would be otherwise. If it was a saw, I can imagine it being less interesting.

The kick imo, has too much high on it. It's just personal opinion, but I like the kicks that have more OOMPH to them. If you take a look at a few of my recent songs, I have used Maximus to lower the high and meds on basically all my kicks. Yeah they're not powerful, damn. >.> That's enough of my kicks. I feel a bit show-offy now that I mentioned myself...

The snare/clap (which one?) went well with the kick I guess, since it is also pretty high. There's not much else to say here, so I'm not gonna pretend to be smart and just stop here.

For some reason, the kick at 1:00 sounded much stronger than before. Maybe it's just the EQ'ing or the other instruments drowning out the lows of the kick (which I <3 :D)

1:39, the windy sound that is playing actually sounds very good there. Maybe it's just the rhythm, but normally I would have been very annoyed by it. It made a would-be-annoying sound into a great transition.\

At 1:48, I can hear a lot of variation melody-wise, so I think you can keep that part going for a bit longer than you did. That was one of the 'good' moments in the song where many things come together.

The breakdown is amazing! That piano had a great melody to it, and the choir accompanying it just fit perfectly. The higher piano had an even better melody, and when combined with the kick+snare/clap and hatst, it's just a killer. That was one of my favourite parts of the song.

The outro fadeout was actually unexpected, which is always good because it throws the listener off balance and he/she has to listen to it again :P. At the very end, it is not completely silent. Is it supposed to loop?

Anyways, this is near the end of my longest review EVAR!!111oneone. Time to conclude everything.

This song has a very professional sound to it and the effects (which I started to pay attention to after my 6th listen) are extremely well planned and composed. I envy your skill at FX and transitions (which I will never be good at :S) Also, as an afterthought, the clap in the break sounded very good, it should be played more maybe in a longer intro? Just an idea.

And that concludes my rediculously long review. I am actually typing fast so that I can see how long it is :P. Also, after reading previous comments, I am VERY sorry that you are deaf in one ear. I just can't imagine being deaf in one ear and still composing pieces like this. You have earned some respect and envy from me, and rightly so.

Keep making masterpieces like these and maybe I will take the time (32 mins -.-) and effort to make another review like this. 528 characters remaining O_o.

Good luck. If you respond, I'll be sure to read it ;)

Step responds:

Oh my God, man, that is the longest review I've ever received. SBB cuts a close second, but dude, this is definitely the most helpful review and it's a real honour getting a review this big (and getting your 100th review), which took you a whole half an hour to write O.O. Thanks SO MUCH! :D.

I'll definitely take my time to respond with my usual monster wall of text, because this review deserves it more than any other review I've ever responded to.

To start with, haha probably anything which is written in unnecessarily thick detail with unorganised paragraphs is probably written by me xD. It's pretty weird that I have so many reviews which are unsurprisingly long for this song, although I'm definitely not complaining; this is my best song and I'm really glad that there are so many helpful reviews.

I'm glad you liked the intro, although your idea of starting it with pads is a genius idea. I can definitely imagine a great ambient intro for this, since it'll definitely make the current intro sound even more epic when it fades in. Thanks a LOT for the excellent idea, if I revisit this song (I probably will), I'll definitely try and add pads at the beginning.

Yeah the only difference of the rhythm in this melody from CF's is that the last two notes are different in rhythm, but I can assure you it was unintentional xD. I definitely agree with you that saw waves are probably too uninteresting due to the fact that they're used so much.

About your comments on the percussion, I totally agree with you. When I made this I knew nothing of compression and rarely EQ'd my kicks properly. Instead I just layered around 10 kicks :P. As for the snare/clap (it's both a snare and a clap [layered] lol xP) I think I might turn up the low end a bit more on them too. You're not the first one to point out that this song is too rough on the high end.

As for the kick at 1:00, that's just me increasing it's velocity more than I should have xP. Haha, to be honest, there are a lot of things in this song which sound professionally done, yet are just me unintentionally doing something random, and being lucky enough for it to turn out good xD.

Heh, the wind sound is a badly filtered sweep. Again, I'm lucky to have it sounding half decent :D...

As for 1:48, I didn't feel like continuing it since by then, the FLP file was sticking so much that I didn't want to do anything, unless it was EXTREMELY necessary. It's why I made the piano part in a separate FLP xD.

Regarding the piano part, it's weird actually. It's your favourite part but a friend of mine who listened to it said the piano part was his least favourite part. Still, you can't please everyone I guess. Glad you like the piano part!

Lol, if you heard my song Speeding Through Infinity (which is a much older version of this) you'd expect the fade out, but I suppose it's pretty cool that the listener will want to listen to it again after hearing the ending xP. It's not really supposed to loop, I only timed it right so it could loop, but it's still a bad loop :3. I've actually made an HQ looped version which will be used in a game in the future :D.

Heh, I'm glad you think this has a professional sound. Like I said, it's me being lucky. Transitions are actually something I'm good at. When I'm composing, I think 'alright, what will sound epic if played after that bar' and an idea comes to my head easily, therefore making a good transition. My problem is thinking of song ideas, but once I've thought of a good one, it's plain sailing from then on, usually.

The FX was because as I said in the Author's Comments, on my way to and from school, people around me were listening to professional trance songs with volumes high enough for me to hear them even when wearing headphones, so I learnt a few tricks.

Thanks a lot for all the support about the deaf ear and all :).

...And obviously thanks for the really EPIC review. This is surely my favourite review, and I'll be going back to it again and again as reference when I revisit this song. Thanks a LOT! :D.

0 characters remaining, hehe xP.


This is great! The intro is all short, simple and sweet. Baseline is also great. All your leads and synths fit perfectly with the mix of instruments in this. At 1:02, that was amazing. The vocal sample used also sounded great even though I couldn't hear what it said ^^. 3:13 love that sound :D. The outro was just great.

All in all, a great song.
Btw, what's up with having more downloads than listens? Any idea? Happened to me too :S

Elfire responds:

Cheers buddy, yeh i kinda like the vocal samples to almost be in the background appart from the dominant ones, i know its "not done" in similar stuff but....screw it, sounds right to me

yeh ive been hearing alot about this more downloads than listens thing lately, ive got no answer but i know it happens to alot of people.

Maybe deaf people download?



Lovin' the wobble. Mind telling me how you make it? I tried making some dubstep today and the wobble is utter horrible. Do you use 3xOsc?

Anyways, on the song. I think you should work on the kick a bit. I hear a bit of 'bounce' in the kick which I found a bit annoying (my opinion). The snare I think, should have more high freq on it, but I'm a beginner at Dubstep so you might just ignore me here :P.

Overall, all nice and wrapped up for a WIP

MA3HbO responds:

Well i made the wobble with the Predator plugin.But if you want you can make a pretty nice wobble with the 3Osc and a Love Filter.Just put a low pass filter and modulate the cutoff with your LFO.I don't know what you mean with hearing a bounce in the kick but i think i'll change it alot in the final product.As for the snare it has quite a good presence in the highs.Anyway thanks for the review !

PS.If you have any questions PM me and i'll gladly answer you.Cheers !


The piano at the start was awesome! A bit later in the song, I think the synth you used can be changed to give it a more 'epic' feel. Also, I think you can add a lower octave pad to compliment it. 1:42 awesome melody :D. Fitted well with the other parts. That's all I can say right now so yeah. Keep improving :P

Japillow responds:

Thank you! I feel that I improve a little bit with every song :P
And that 1:42 melody was actually from an OLD song of mine that I never put up...


The melody has some misplaced flat notes here and there, might want to fix that up. Also, this is a bit too repetitive for a casual walking feel. Might wanna add something or cut some out. Has some potential though, if worked on properly.

SamuraiPikachu responds:

Thanks! I'll be sure to look into fixing it up in the near future. Will also take your advice. Yet again, the Repetitiveness. I'm trying hard to make something less repetitive but at the same time, something I like as well.


Congrats on top 30 mate :P Again, pretty unique style. Only things of concern are the snare and ending. The snare is a bit cracky if you know what I mean. The ending is too sudden considering how many were going on there. Anyway, congratulations again on getting top 30 :).

Japillow responds:

Wow, I didn't even know I got top 30 until just now ._.
Thank you for reviewing! And ya, I couldn't really think of a good ending...

Holy crap

Hey, good to see ya again.

The vocals here are amazing. 0:58 sweet transition there. A few things though. For this to be hardstyle, you should make a heavier kick. If you hear other hardstyle songs you'll notice the difference between those kicks and this one. 1:01 love that clap :D. The synth is also pretty sweet. The ending should be looked at though. A bit, plain?

Good luck :D

shesmackshard responds:

The end is for cross fading, and I guess its more jumpstyle - but even at that I dont imitate, I do what I do :)

thanks bro!


The vocals are so cool :D. So chill loop ^^. Not my thing, but definitely a good job :). Keep it up!

Jeesh responds:

Inspired by Mr. Scruff. I am not happy with the drums at the moment the snare really cuts into my ears.


VERY dark reese. Beats are also very good. Vocals are a bit unclear, but sound very good with the rest of the song. All I can say is it is a bit repetitive for 2:10, but nonetheless very well made.

2.71/5.00 (+0.51)

Direlire responds:

Thank you man!
Yeah, true it's repetitive!
Yeah the vocas are sample from "2001" so the sound isn't so good.
Anyway thanks for rating and reviewing!

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