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A TON of effects goin here! That wobble is amazing. Since I don't know much abot dubstep, I really shouldn't comment much. All I got to say is that the kick should be heavier and the snare should be more .. idk :S They sound a bit too...ordinary? That's all that's bad about it really, and also when the drums speed up at 1:41. That sounded pretty bad IMO.

In all, just a few things and it'll be awesome ;)

Blizzaine responds:

Damn I guess i'm the only one who enjoys 1/2 time to normal time variation ;-;


Pretty impressive how all these synths were made with sytrus. I'd never make a good synth there. You guys have definitely done a great job with this. I would never guess that the synths were made with sytrus with this level of quality. 2:27 <3. That is just amazingg. Wish I could make synths like that even with other VSTs. Again, great job ShootingStar and DanMasterFlash :). You should collab moar.

Mind dropping some tips off on my latest piece? Seems a lil empty.

ShootingStar responds:

Haha, well glad you liked it so much :) I will definitely go check out your song!
Thanks for the review!



I hope I don't get paired with you, you'll eat me >:O. Aha, I probably won't even pass auditions, meh. Good luck man.

dj-Nate responds:

Haha, thanks Abbic.


I don't usually like hip-hop and vocals but this is great. I'm no expert on hip-hop so that's all I'm gonna say. You did so well with the vocals that I actually liked them, which I usually don't. Great job.

juggaloallday responds:

Thanks mean, that means alot. Ya know I Speak through emotions. I actually have something to say. I just dont talk about guns, women, and money i dont have. I speak so maybe someone out there will feel my lyrics and relate.

Thanks for the comment

Holy crap

Intro got me instantly hooked. That piano's melody is just great. The breakdown is even better, those bells fit so undescribly (<--- word or not? :S) well with the pad. This song just has that 'epic' feel to it the whole way through. Very nice job. Just flawless.

Good luck man, you got skills.

BCCB responds:

Wow, thanks so much for the review! I rarely get them.

Believe me, I usually don't produce music like this. I'm normally pretty bad with music. I'm very pleased with how it turned out, though. Compared to my first songs, I would say that I improved a lot. I can't stand listening to my older projects. It's that bad. But I suppose it makes my later tracks sound better.

Thanks for the listen! I really appreciate it.


I don't get people who use MIDI, there's no talent in using MIDI's :).
I haven't actually heard the original, but this sounds very nice and calming. Love the piano you used. I can never make a piano have that kind of effectt :(.

Do I hear commercial filter from z3ta+ at 1:07? :P. To be honest, I hate that sound, but it fit really well here. Man, if it wasn't commercial filter I'd look like a total idiot right now >.>

A well made and all rounded track :). Good luck in future productions. Would love your opinion on my latest track.

Chimy727 responds:

yeah me neither
the sound is actually supa dupa mixed with hard to beat!
i usually dont like it either but it works!
thanks for the review!

Amazing pad

That sidechained pad sounds awesome. It goes really well with the kick. The thing that comes in at about 0:38 didn't fit well though, and it kind of stuffs up the song's atmosphere and mood. The song itself is also a bit repetitive with not much change throughout. But it's still a 9/10 for your sounds.

Therm0 responds:

Ah. Well hey thanks. :)
I personally like that synth at 0:38, but I'll take into consideration your opinion as to what sounds good and what sounds bad. I know it's pretty repetitive.. But my inspiration was prettymuch from a bunch of repetitive progressive house/trance, so I figured Progressive fans didn't really mind. :S But, thanks! I'll be taking all of this into consideration--thanks for the high score, it means a lot to me. :D


Wobble just keeps goin ;) This is filthy as hell, amazing wobbleee. Make full version with changed kick and snare plox. Make the drop heavy as hell and make the snare <something that is total ownage> as hell too!

mr-jazzman responds:

Dude, yes, I wanna make this a full song now. I actually have a great idea for the drop. Thanks for the feedback. Trust me, there will be no disappointment!

I just wanted to make a loop of it for now. It sounds pretty damn good as a loop, donchya think? ;) But, a full song should follow.


This has a ton of professional sounding instruments and effects! This is definitely one of your most outstanding pieces for sure. This even beats Man on the Run. Dude, this is so good I'm gonna try another of my long reviews :). You better respond >:o

Instruments first.

First of, the kick. It just sounds amazing with the mix. Sounds perfect for a trance piece. I'm lovin' it. Can't say much more about it. It's awesome.

The clap, well, there's a bit too much reverb on it imo, because every 3 claps there's a 2 clap change in beat (I hope you know what I mean, hard to explain O_o) and the 2 odd claps have less reverb on them, which makes it sound a bit weird.

The hat is alright, fits with the mix and doesn't wear out unless your listening to it only. Not much to say here.

The blips that go throughout are amazing. They just give that trancey feel that would have been much less without them.

The baseline that becomes apparent at 1:02 is very trancey as well. How did you make that? Is it an arp? Meh, sounds good.

The main arp's lead sounds great with the other instruments going on. The sound also fits nicely with the melody and vocals.

Enough of instruments, time for the parts :)

The intro is dead-on. BAM straight in your face; some professional sounding trance. Sounds great. The half-gated synth there had an amazing effect on the rest of the mix and filled the empty gap that would've been there.

The intro of the vocals is just great. The fade-in was great. Gave the vocals some depth and variety.

2:17 was superb. The pad sounds spectacular. The little melody with the soft lead at 2:17 also sounded like it had potential, too bad we didn't get to hear more of it.

The outro, well, I guess it could have been better, but everything else can compensate for that :).

Well, that's the end of another attempt at a long review :S. Hope you enjoy this review and stuff. Great work here, love to see more work from you like this. Good luck :)

Blizzaine responds:

Wow thanks a lot!

I do really like the kick as well, some people have told me it doesn't sound right for trance but I beg to differ :p

The bassline is just a sort of offbeat triplet with the middle note 1 octave higher than the rest.

2:17 is really cool, I worked for a while on that bassy pad, added some higher octave blips to make it interesting.

Thanks again for the awesome review :) Really lets me know what I did right and wrong and how my transitions were. It's kind of hard to judge your own transitions when you know whats coming up next :p


Very chill song. However, I don't think it should be in techno genre. There's no head-bobbing beat, so yeah.

The instruments used here are very relaxing and I can see, well thought-out. The melody put on them is also very chill/relaxing :). Percussion also has variation, I see you follow your own advice, unlike me :D. Not much else to say, so 5/5 to counter them bomber nooooobsss.

Stargenx responds:

Firstly, it's techno because.... well it just is. Listen to that. It doesn't fit into anything other than techno. Thanks for the review, though. My reply is so disjointed. XD I have my own sort of style. Not many other people like lyrical flowing melodies.

I experiment with a wide range of electronic genres (currently experimenting with complextro). I've been making music since November 2009. I use FL Studio 10 (Producer Edition) for all my productions and I currently use 3xOsc and Sytrus as my main VSTs.

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