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Nice melody!

But it sounded akward at 0:00, 0:05 and 0:11. In other words, its off key, but just a touch :)

Love that transition at 0:40.

ForestLomn responds:

I thought so too... but i couldnt quite figure out what it was. So then i just got used to the off keyness of it. But thanks:)

The starting synth

It's way too loud IMO. If there were any kicks, I couldn't hear them at that part. 1:14 the notes sound a bit off the kicks. It goes for like 5 kicks, which is rather awkward. Other than that it's fine :)

ShadowsOfLight responds:

Yess you'er right. I have to decrease the volume of everything I didn't realize this w hen I created it > Asio drivers aren't very reliable lol. But i shall fix the kicks being off beat! Thanks! That's the part where I just threw in something to fill in the blanks lol I' ll readjust it with a newer melody. xD


This is like a demo for a new VST XD

Breed responds:

Thanks mate, except this is a REALLY old plug in! Cheers.

AMG it's awesome^_^

Love teh intro and melody! The piano combined with the claps at 1:26 is awesome!
My only critic is that the end is rather 'bad' (I just realised this is WIP lol)

Chimy727 responds:

hehe thanks man! dont you mean Omg? lol maybe not.
ah well.


Was pretty good without another melody

It made the next melody flow perfectly ;)

MSXOmega responds:

Yeah, it doesn't sound too bad without it. :P Thanks!

Nice loop

That sequencer is awesome combined with that beat.

nightsurfermusic responds:

Wrote that arp/lead myself. ;)

Thanks for reviewing!

What was the pad right at the start?

I'd like to know which VST it was based on ^^

Unless its a preset then tell me which one XD

Awesome melody btw.

15thDimension responds:

Uh it was the "Resopad" preset in Superwave P8

thx for the review!


This would go under ambient more than trance IMO.

Too bad I can't give a good review; I'm not a fan of this type of music.

But bombers are everywhere...10/10 and 5/5 for you :)

DJMyke responds:

I was thinking the same thing lol. I'm gonna change it.
You're not a fan of this type of music? And you still gave me a 10 and a 5? Thanks you're awesome DjAbbic.!


Awesome song. Check out my first hardstyle song @ http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/ 293408

Review it. It's my first hardstyle song I need feedback :)
Thanks in advance.

unrealdark responds:

Sure I will, No problem. :)

Good Luck

Sounds awesome so far

SteakJohnson responds:


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