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I have been 5-bombing this for like, the past few days.

ZuneInc responds:

Thanks :D i appreciate it!


A few things I found a bit uncomfortable though. The starting synths sound a bit piercing, and the snare roll at 3:13 sounded awkward, maybe it should have been in the 3/4 time like the synth.

Other than that, a nice piece considering you don't make hardstyle much.

SessileNomad responds:

nothing in this song was in 3/4


That lead is epic. The rhythm is also very epic. It's pretty amazing how this sounds so great without a constant beat. This has great potential (I assume it's not finished?). I think you need to work on the ending and transitions. Not saying they're bad, just that they need some work.

Overall, a different track (from your normal style). I guess it's pretty catchy for this style. Another fine piece of work Nate :)

dj-Nate responds:

Thanks Abbic, I am definitely going to finish this soon. Thanks for the constructive review.


Don't you hate it when you get so tired of your song you just want it done already.

Anyways, great intro. The rhythmic hats really spice up the beat there. When the dark bass comes in, it sounds wicked. That higher pitch sound going with the bassline fitted really well there.

Really not much else to say. The track is overall well structured and well made. Also, fits the title a lot :P.

I have to say we have similar tastes in music. First, after my BBS post and now this ^^. If you want to collab (if it's convenient) you can shoot me a pm ^^.

Nechura responds:

Cheers. Might be up for a collab but I dunno'. I'll let you know.


I have the say, everything here is better except for the wobble. It is lacking on the lows too much. It even sound kind of 'piercing' sometimes. In the intro as well, sometimes the snare is drowned out by something and goes softer for a sec. Overall, I prefer the older version because of the deeper sounding wobble.

Of course, I can see here you were trying to make the song sound like you are being surrounded. I can probably imagine it sounding great on headphones, but I have earphones so it doesn't work as well.

Anyways, good luck ;)

mr-jazzman responds:

Yep, you're right, I was aiming for a surround sound! It might be a little piercing for people that have heavy treble in their headphones or EQ settings, but it sounds fine through my bass-biased headphones. I think your earphones might be missing out quite a bit on the lower end; that wobble would sound deeper if you could hear the sub underneath it. But, I understand where you're coming from. Yeah, in the intro you're right, the snare can get "drowned" out, and is mostly due to the compression on it. However, you must also remember the sheer volume of sound that encompasses this song; in order to get something else to come to the forefront, something must be taken down in volume. I thank you for your very attentive ear, because you are right about certain things in this song. Like I said, the mastering was difficult to work with on this song, simply because I had to reroute everything in my mixing board and because the automation was absolutely insane (i.e., I may have accidentally missed some volume clips while working with it). But, thanks for the review, and I'm glad you were able to pay attention to these things! =)


Dirteh and stuff. The intro really prepares you for something really progressive, but that dirty drop just hits and BAM. Lots of well placed synths and FX here. Not many flaws I can spot, just that it is pretty repetitive, but who am I to complain, my stuff is repetitive too.

Sirdangolot5 responds:

Thanks bro! :D


Stuff like this should really get more recognition in the audio portal. The synths, hats percs, everything is perfectly placed. The only problem I have is the vocals. They are common and easily recognised, so I would suggest avoiding them if possible.

Overall, great composition and stuff. Good job.

Wickedlat responds:

alright thanks for the advice and for the review


The really awesome melodies around 2:00 and 5:13? Hmm, I also hear some pretty awesome melodies at 0:59 and 2:58 xD That new pad you added sounds pretty amazing.

To be honest, I can only see one flaw (cuz we made it maybe? :D). It's the ending. It kind of sounds a bit strange when the progression doesn't finish, it just doesn't seem to work well because the melody sounds incomplete.

Oh well, nothing can be perfect, and I couldn't have done a better job on it. Good work both of us :D! Really enjoyed working with you on this :). Learned a few things too :) Breakbeat was new to me, so was the top half.

Guess I won't be seeing much of you anymore except for weekends, school's a big prob :(. Oh well, thanks for this great experience :)

ShootingStar responds:

Haha :D The ending - ehh whatever.. it's just a fade-out ending, so its not terrible or anything.
But really great work :) Had so much on this collab!!
Keep up your work DjAbbic!



5LineRecords is really making a name for itself here on NG. Congrats on getting signed.

As for the song, the birds kind of fit, but they don't sound right either. I think just bring them down a touch, give the noticing listeners a bit of a challenge :P. All I can really say is maybe look into the snare a bit. I don't think it fits in too well. Lookin' good so far though. Good luck finishing it :).

XotiK responds:

yeah I know I've already changed the pitch sounds. less consistant as well. as for the snare I was either thinking of lowering the volume or just changing it. I've changed the melody as well. still in process of being finished though. thanks for the review though. and thanks for the luck xD


This is sick. Don't ya think people like us should get more recognition :\. All this talent on NG. Anyways, that wobble is sick as hell XD, could be better if it felt more deep though. I like how you had a gate going with the wobble, very original. A bit repetitive but meh, so am I. Keep up the good work. :D

Freelanceinc responds:

i agree 100% wih that, and thnx for the tip im always lookin for ways to better my music, cheers!

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