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I'm not dead

2013-10-18 20:59:42 by DjAbbic

So, I haven't uploaded anything to NG for awhile, but I can promise you I'm not dead (yet). I made a remix which I haven't gotten permission to upload to NG yet and I have a few WIPs that I'm working on. It may be delayed some more due to exams coming up, but it's ok, I'm breathing.

Resistance + Facebook

2013-04-27 08:04:46 by DjAbbic

Hey all. I've created a Facebook page so those of you who like me me :D. Also, Resistance is due to be released sometime this week, so keep your eyes peeled!


Nightfall + Youtube

2013-03-30 05:31:30 by DjAbbic

I'm going to release the full version of Nightfall tomorrow, and with that I will also start to upload videos to my youtube channel that I made 2 and a half years ago but never bothered with.

Youtube channel:
Nightfall {WIP}:

Stay tuned :)

New cover/logo

2013-03-25 06:31:20 by DjAbbic

I think it looks pretty cool :o


2013-02-07 00:49:46 by DjAbbic

New years resolution is to produce more than I did last year!


2012-02-01 08:15:50 by DjAbbic

First tracks of 2012 have been uploaded, and I love them. I have a feeling it's gonna be a good year. :D


2011-09-15 08:29:55 by DjAbbic

I have finally got around to setting up a Bandcamp account.

Of course, I will still be uploading free stjavascript:NewsPost.Save();uff to NG. I only set everything to 20 cents because I only have limited free downloads, so it's practically an optional payment :). Check it out and support me if you want.

A fail

2011-03-26 21:32:00 by DjAbbic

I might be starting my bandcamp soon, to hopefully get some money to get better VSTs since my computer was reformatted and I didn't back up D:


2011-02-12 08:10:34 by DjAbbic

I somehow managed to fix the problem and all my VSTs are back :D

Expect better stuff soon.


2011-01-04 05:42:06 by DjAbbic

I seez da kool kidz make sum newzpostz so I liek, wnt to follo them, so herez a newzpost 4 u.

P.S Admire plx