Entry #18

I'm not dead

2013-10-18 20:59:42 by DjAbbic

So, I haven't uploaded anything to NG for awhile, but I can promise you I'm not dead (yet). I made a remix which I haven't gotten permission to upload to NG yet and I have a few WIPs that I'm working on. It may be delayed some more due to exams coming up, but it's ok, I'm breathing.



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2013-10-18 21:47:43


DjAbbic responds:

ok :(


2013-10-26 04:46:21

Halloween is the perfect time to resurrect! :D

DjAbbic responds:



2015-07-17 15:00:17

Where is everything now? ;( You still respond to comments but where is new stuff? Brain fart? Or... Hacker??? O.o

DjAbbic responds:

I've actually been completely out of ideas for the past few months. It's a shame but until I break out of this I probably won't be posting any new content anytime soon. Sorry :(. Feel free to enjoy my old content though, I have plenty of it (although admittedly not as good as my more recent content).

Thanks for the support, I appreciate it :)


2016-05-22 06:48:03

congrats on 100 followers

DjAbbic responds: