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Hey I just realised

2010-09-20 04:26:38 by DjAbbic

Hey I just realised, I have 15 fans!


Woo FL Producer Edition

2010-08-02 02:17:26 by DjAbbic

Yeah yeah so what if I got it 3 days ago, I got it and I'm making a news post ^^. From now on you won't see any more really shit tracks from me (amen to that) :D I've been getting into electro-house quite a lot and I have managed to find out how to do a Klaas melody so you'll be seeing a bit of that too. Ohh yes, I'm also auditioning for the NGADM (Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch, look it up on Audio Forums) so yeah, would be nice if I got some support.


2010-04-22 08:10:03 by DjAbbic

After realising a lot of my songs here are not too good with not too much effort put into them, I have come to the conclusion that...I will not submit any more crap songs :). I'll judge myself what is 'Newgrounds-Worthy' and put those up ^^. Hope this will make an impact.


2009-12-08 01:30:35 by DjAbbic

I'm makin' more of it >=] If I have any fans whatsoever, stay tuned :)

Breakneck Melody

2009-12-03 05:43:40 by DjAbbic

First Hardstyle song check it out.

Eh sorry

2009-11-20 04:07:24 by DjAbbic

Sowwy No song yet :( Just waity me needy good melody

Be Patient

2009-11-09 06:13:43 by DjAbbic

Next song gonna come out in a week gotta find good instruments :P

First project waiting approval

2009-10-28 06:31:29 by DjAbbic

My first song waiting approval :D