New cover/logo

2013-03-25 06:31:20 by DjAbbic

I think it looks pretty cool :o


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2013-03-25 10:43:07

Looks okay, but the name is "meh".

DjAbbic responds:

Don't judge a book by its cover.
D j - a b b i c

When I first found it I thought I was some kind of genius, but it turns out that a few other people have already thought of it before me.

I may change it in the future but I'm sticking with it for now :)


2013-03-25 14:26:00

Pinecone? Nice.

(Updated ) DjAbbic responds:

I was referring to the cover actually, but now I see that I have worded that incorrectly :s


2013-03-25 16:33:29

Is there some other cover? I don't see it. :/

DjAbbic responds:

You can only see it on my profile. It looks like my name with streaks of black going through it.

It should be just above the pinecone :)


2013-03-25 19:04:12

Aha! It looks good, gritty and grungy yet easy to read. The pinecone fits the theme btw, was it made to match?

DjAbbic responds:

I just associate pinecones with myself for no apparent reason, so no, it wasn't made to match, but I never noticed that so thanks for pointing that out :)


2013-03-26 01:42:02

I'm not judging the music based on name. I'm saying that the name isn't exquisite.

DjAbbic responds:

I understand what you mean, no worries :)